Information on the mastering process: delivery, preparation and payment

Delivery Checklist:

•24Bit/32Bit (float) & 44.1/48 KHz or higher in AIFF or WAV format (no
data compression (mp3) and never up or down sample anything!)
•Don’t use compression,dithering, peak-limiting (finalizers) or normalization on the master-bus or final mix! Only use compressors, equalizers and exciters for their vibe and character Never use them for corrections or volume and dynamic adjustments!
•All songs should approx. have 2 seconds ‘silence’ at the beginning and the end. Don’t do fade-ins and fade-outs at the beginning and end of a song. Just let your mastering engineer know what you’d prefer.
•Make sure there is no clipping on the recording. Leave at least around 3 db headroom, Minimal peak headroom of -6 dBFS. Maximal peak not more than -3 dBFS, More headroom possible I prefer 6 db (Maximal peak not more than -6 dBFS)

Preparation final stereo mixdown:

A good preparation of your material can save a lot of time during a mastering session and turnaround time ;) Try to realize the following before delivering your material: Listen carefully to clicks, pops, ticks etc. before final mix-down and try to remove it in the corresponding track. Especially vocal tracks contain a lot of these and vocal sibilance is a common problem. These are some of the issues commonly dealt with during mastering. Even with powerful mastering tools, attempts to reduce these problems will often affect other elements in the mix. So try to reduce these problems in the mix before going into mastering.
Turn off all kinds of dithering and do not apply any kind limiting or compression on master output.

About payment:

α-GEM STUDIO uses PayPal for all our transactions. You can pay via PayPal account, debit card or credit card. If you do not own an account, there is not problem, you don't need to have a PayPal account since they allow credit / debit card payments from their site.

Ready to start your project!:

The process is simple. Start filling out the Email contact box below with your desired mastering service. Provide as complete as possible the following details and without typo’s!
Enter your Name: • Band / Artist name.
Message Subject: • "Single / EP / Album / Vocal / Mixing / Special".
Enter your Message: • Song titles & Track order on the album.• Extra information.

Once received your email you will be sent file transfer email address to send your tracks thru WeTransfer or your preferred file transfer service. After receiving your track aiff or wav file mixes a preview mastering “sample to judge” will be created and send back at you so you can judge the sound scope created on your music. If necessary email or call you to discuss any issues and suggested changes that if still possible, and best taken care of at the mix stage before beginning your mastering session
If the “sample to judge” is perfect and fully at your wishes than a PayPal invoice reflecting the total cost of the services you've selected will be send. Once the invoice is paid, the mastering process begins and your masters will be completed within 3-5 business days. And send back thru WeTransfer or other preferred file transfer service.