1 Chris Brown Refuses to Perform for Hundreds of Pissed-Off Fans
2 Free Buchla Clone For Reaktor
3 New iPhone Synth, TF8
4 Audiobus 3 Sneak Preview
5 Hyve Touch Synth Now Available Via Kickstarter Project
6 Native Instruments Updates FORM, Sample-Scanning Synthesizer
7 Magix Updates Music Maker With Free Version
8 Lollapalooza Lineup 2017: Chance the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, Lorde, Muse, Arcade Fire…
9 Why Your Band Hated Playing SXSW (and How To Make It Better Next Year)
10 Step inside the mystical sound world of Circular Ruins
11 G-Dragon ‘Cry for Help’ Puts Big Bang VIPs on Suicide Alert
12 Sequential Circuits Pro-One vs U-He Repro-1 Software Synth Compared
13 Cosmosƒ v4 Dynamic Stochastic Synthesiser Now Available
14 D16 Group updates Repeater to v1.1.0
15 Synth Presets releases "Pro Expansion Vol.2" for Valhalla VintageVerb
16 Audiobus 3 announced (Audiobus 2 updated to v2.4)
17 Image-Line updates FL Studio to v12.4.2
18 It’s Official: The Space Jam Soundtrack Is Now Available on Vinyl
19 How to Fix Spotify’s Business Model and Save the Music Industry
20 Canadian Music Week: Where the Serious Music Industry Is Heading
21 Police Personally Apologize to Wyclef Jean After Wrongful Arrest
22 Ever Wonder Why BPI’s Head Of Anti-Piracy Left in 2015?
23 Say Hello to Amber G, Your Personal Virtual AI Singer
24 Bow Wow Deletes Melania Trump Tweet Amidst Felony Enforcement Threats
25 Google to Advertisers: ‘Don’t Worry; Extremists Just Earn Pennies’
26 Apple Intros Cheaper, More Powerful iPads
27 That $329 iPad looks like an affordable music app machine
28 Matthieu Brucher updates Audio Toolkit to v1.5.0
29 Behringer’s Synth Clones Bypass Widow Of Doug Curtis
30 VidPlayVST Multi-Format Video Player Plug-in Released For Beta Test
31 ‘Low Life’ BTS Fans Accused of Ruining KCON ’17 In Mexico
32 Watch this to learn how to create hip-hop 808 bass lines easily
33 Now you can put a Buchla-style modular inside Reaktor, free
34 Failure, or Opportunity? Just 3% of Apple Users Are Subscribed to Apple Music
35 How to Prove Led Zeppelin Stole ‘Stairway to Heaven’ (In 3 Easy Steps)
36 The Black Madonna, talk role models, co-conspirators
37 Chuck Berry’s Family Reveals an Unreleased Album
38 How to Get Signed by ‘Spotify Records’
39 These circuit-bent instruments and sounds are simply gorgeous
40 2nd Sense Audio updates WIGGLE Dynamic Waveshaping Synthesizer to v1.1.9 - New presets
41 New Sonic Arts updates Nuance to v1.6601
42 Behringer Synth Team Is ‘On Fire’, Working On 20 Synths, Cloning Curtis Chips, Reincarnating Oberheim Classics
43 20 Synthesizer Now Shipping
44 Synthblitz Audio updates Nitroflex2 VST Wavetable Synth for Windows to v2.3
45 Audacity updated to v2.1.3
46 Kazrog announces ValvEQ – Baxandall inspired tube emulation EQ for mixing and mastering
47 Inear Display updates Cruelle Distortion Plug-in to v1.2 (Win & Mac, VST & AU)
48 Particular-Sound releases Modularium V1.0 for Kontakt
49 Apple Music Refuses to Stop Industry-Killing Exclusives
50 Modular Synth Jam In A Cave

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