1 Breaking: Kmart Drops Nicki Minaj Line After ‘Dramatic Sales Drop’
2 The Car Tupac Shakur Was Shot In Mysteriously Resurfaces
3 2nd Sense Audio releases ReSample 1.1.0 update with Batch Processing
4 New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle to v1.0962
5 Audiolounge Soft releases Lin02, LN 9000 and DX Drum Machine for PC and Mac
6 Netflix Series ‘The Get Down’ Is Back! (Here’s the Preview)
7 Vanguard Reissuing Jean-Jacques Perrey’s ‘Moog Indigo’
8 Will the iPhone 7 Plus be Banned from Commercial Flights?
9 Bruno Mars Tops Billboard 100 and R&B Charts, Earns iHeartRadio Award
10 Sinevibes releases Dispersion "bouncing ball delay" effect for Mac
11 Former RIAA Exec Calls Fair Use a Sham
12 Dispersion makes it crazy easy to get that bouncing ball delay sound
13 UMG Alone Earns $4.5 Million a Day from Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube
14 Cockos updates REAPER to v5.34
15 Sugar Audio updates Oscarizor 2D/3D Multi-Channel Spectrum Waterfall Analyzer to v3.2.2
16 Hidden Path Audio releases Barrage - Cinematic Percussion Designer for Kontakt with Intro Offer
17 Behringer Planning Complete Line Of Synthesizers, Starting At $49
18 Tangerine Dream Style Ratchet Sequencing On An iPad
19 Don Buchla Memorial Concerts April 22-23 In San Francisco
20 BTS Deny Plagiarism Allegations: ‘This Has Nothing to Do With Us’
21 Gucci Mane Just Announced the First Tour of His Career (See Dates)
22 ‘How to Cancel Spotify Premium’ Is Now a Trending Search Term
23 Richard Spencer Says Depeche Mode Is the Official Band of White Supremacists
24 Watch a talk explain perfectly why humans make music with technology
25 DU-VHS = what TV would be if it were glitchy, nerdy, and underground
26 Joy Villa Makes $100,000 After Wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ Grammy Dress
27 Is YouTube Cooking the Books? Third-Party Auditor Steps In
28 Rebel Technology Intros Expandable Mix 01 Matrix Mixer Eurorack Module
29 Make Noise Updates TEMPI Eurorack Module
30 Steinberg Nuendo 8 Sneak Preview
31 HoRNet releases Dynamics Control - a plugin to limit dynamic range
32 Avid updates Pro Tools to v12.7.1
33 Steinberg updates Nuendo to v7.1.30
34 Ableton releases "Beat Tools" Creative Toolkit for Push and Live
35 Ueberschall releases Sunny Moods (Elastik soundbank)
36 Toontrack releases Alt-Rock EZX expansion recorded by Steve Albini
37 Beyonce Lip-Syncs. Adele Doesn’t. Any Questions?
38 Alien and unicorn music and a free picture-to-MIDI tool to download now
39 Eric Church May Face Lawsuits After Cancelling 25,000 ‘Scalper’ Tickets
40 BTS Battles Plagiarism Charges from Angry Kpop Fans
41 Skrivarna updates Fakebook Pro to v2.9 - Optimized import and Dropbox, Google Drive integration
42 Want to Sell CDs? Take a Lesson from Kpop Superstars TWICE
43 You can compose entire interactive game scores in Nuendo 8, more
44 Future Releases Two Albums In Less Than One Week
45 Make Noise 0-Coast Sound Design
46 Ableton Intros Beat Tools Beatmaking Toolkit
47 PreSonus updates Studio One to v3.3.4 and Notion to v6.1.1
48 FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v11.2
49 DDMF updates IIEQPro to v3.3.4 and releases NoLimits AU for iOS
50 Voxengo updates SPAN FFT Spectrum Analyzer to v3.1

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