1 Behringer $399 Minimoog Model D Clone (Hands-On Demo)
2 Novation Circuit Mono Station Overview & Demo
3 Junkie XL Explains His Large-Format Monster Synthesizer Wall
4 Arturia Intros Black Edition KeyStep, BeatStep & BeatStep Pro Sequencer Controllers
5 Say Hello To Kpop’s Next Big Singing Sensation… Jaden Smith?
6 Want Indie Music on Spotify? You’re Gonna Have to Pay for It…
7 Why I Wrote a Song Called ‘Fuck You Spotify’
8 Chance The Rapper Finds a Way to Stop Fake T-Shirts
9 Deskew Technologies updates Gig Performer to v1.5.2 for Windows and OS X
10 Adobe updates Creative Cloud Video and Audio Tools (Premiere Pro, Audition, etc.)
11 iZotope releases RX 6 Audio Editor
12 Royale Audio releases Royale Filter - Free AU Plug-in for Mac
13 PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2017 for Mac
14 Orchestral Tools releases Berlin Brass - Muted Brass
15 Tek'it Audio updates "Winkl" to v1.2.1 - Free VST & AU distortion plug-in for Win & Mac
16 VirSyn updates ReSlice to v1.3 and Poseidon Synth to v1.2 for iOS (33%/40% off for limited time)
17 UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.6.10
18 New Company, Sound Semiconductor, Reissuing Classic SSM Chips For Synths
19 Novation Circuit Mono Station Hands-On demo
20 Synth Jam With Novation Peak & Circuit Mono Station
21 Yamaha Intros MX88 Synthesizer For Stage & Studio
22 YouTube Pushes GEMA Collections Over $1 Billion In 2016
23 Here’s a video tour of Novation’s drool-worthy Peak polysynth
24 Taylor Swift’s Label Says Streaming Isn’t Bigger Than CDs & Vinyl
25 Paid Streaming Generates 6 Times More Revenue Than Ad-Supported Streaming
26 Eowave’s Quandrantid Swarm is a weird scifi synth like no other
27 Liqube Audio updates Resonic Player and Pro Audio Player and Sample Manager to v0.8.7b for Windows
28 After a Decade of Loss, the Latin Music Market Finally Experiences Growth
29 HoRNet releases HTS9 - Classic Guitar Overdrive Emulation
30 KeepForest releases Evolution Atlantica for Kontakt
31 Novation announces Peak Polyphonic Synth and Circuit Mono Station Paraphonic Analogue Synth
32 Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room Plugin Now Compatible with Multiple Head Trackers for Recording Sessions; Waves plugins updated (April 19th, 2017 / v9.91)
33 Rosegarden 17.04 "Twice in a Blue Moon" released
34 Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.2
35 Novation Peak Synthesizer In-Depth Demo
36 Unfa : Helm's deep
37 Music Thing Modular Intros 5 New Things At Superbooth 17
38 Prominent Music Publicist: F*&k Press Releases
39 Serato announces Serato Sample: A powerful new sampling plug-in - Join the beta
40 Ey! We’re at Canadian Music Week (Come Say Hello)
41 Goodbye, Fan Insights. Hello, Spotify for Artists
42 BTS Beefing Up Security Following Ugly ARMY Incidents
43 Bitcoin Startup Claims It Pays 20 Times Better Than Spotify
44 Is Bose Secretly Collecting Personal Data Through Your Headphones?
45 Peak is the new polysynth from the creator of Novation’s classics
46 Novation Circuit Mono Station: paraphonic, feature packed, $499
47 Novation Mono Station synth sequencer just leaked via retail
48 Overloud releases "TH3 Funk and R&B" Guitar Amp Sim Plug-in with Intro Offer
49 MOTU updates Digital Performer to v9.13
50 An earnest album, recorded to four-track, as Shamir looks for hope

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