101 These Lavish Office Photos Are Coming Back to Haunt SoundCloud
102 Jay-Z Tells Spotify Where to Stuff His New Album
103 SoundCloud Bankruptcy Nears: 173 People Laid Off; 2 Offices Closed
104 Why Rob Kardashian Is Probably Freaking Out About Going to Prison
105 Jay Z’s 4:44 Platinum Status: The Beginning of The End for TIDAL
106 How to Double Vinyl Record Sales In 2 Years or Less (Guaranteed!)
107 Google Is About to Kill Every Single Torrent Site
108 Arcade Fire Get Revenge on Kendall and Kylie Jenner
109 50 Cent on Jay-Z’s 4:44: ‘People Don’t Wanna Hear That S—t’
110 Everything You Need to Know About Music Sales in 2017
111 Swedish Festival Will Ban All Men ‘Until They Can Behave Themselves’
112 Jay Z’s 4:44 Pirated 1 Million Times in Just 72 Hours
113 Somebody Keeps Uploading BTS’ ‘Bon Voyage’ to Pornhub
114 Why Everyone Is Stealing the Crap Out of Jay Z’s 4:44
115 The 10 Most Expensive Music Festivals in the World
116 After 42 Years, the Official Jaws Soundtrack Is Being Released on Vinyl
117 Soundcloud May Finally Have a Buyer (And It’s Definitely Not Spotify)
118 Stevie Ryan Commits Suicide by Hanging; 33 Years Old
119 Kanye West Just Killed the Streaming Music Exclusive
120 Bravalla Festival Shut Down After 6 Rapes In 2 Years
121 Video of Shooting Rampage In Little Rock Nightclub Emerges
122 What’s the Most Popular Song on the 4th of July?
123 The Doors Manager on Kendall + Kylie Jenner: ‘They Don’t Actually Do Anything’
124 Entire City Block Taken Over by Prodigy Funeral (Watch)
125 Kendall and Kylie Jenner Face Major Legal Action from B.I.G., Doors, Tupac Estates
126 BTS’ ‘Bon Voyage’ Series Just Got Uploaded to Pornhub
127 The Guest List for Prodigy’s Funeral Was Outrageous
128 Pandora Just Fired Everyone — But Isn’t Changing Their Business Model
129 This Could Change Google’s Search Results Forever
130 After 30 Years, Sony Starts Manufacturing Vinyl Records Again
131 Rap Monster Solo Announcement Could Shock BTS ARMYs
132 Singer Thrown In a Texas Jail For Legally Purchased Weed
133 We Found Out Who Planted the Severed Finger at Electric Forest
134 The Top 100 K-pop Artists In the World
135 Twitter Blocks Fader Magazine (But Leaves Neo-Nazi Accounts Alone)
136 Tupac Film ‘All Eyez on Me’ Slapped With 2nd Lawsuit In 2 Days
137 This Scientific Breakthrough Will Make You Love Festival Porta-Potties
138 Thinking of Recording With Daytrotter? You Might Want to Read This
139 Tim Westergren’s Resignation Letter Makes You Wonder What’s Next
140 Was Guvera the Bernie Madoff of the Music Industry? Federal Investigation Begins
141 Police Issue Statement on Severed Finger Found at Electric Forest
142 Fun Fact: Amazon Music Offers a Ton of Free Music Downloads
143 Tupac Shakur Film ‘All Eyez on Me’ Faces Massive Plagiarism Lawsuit
144 Physical Audio releases "PA3 Derailer" Modular Physical Modelling System Mac AU Beta
145 Raise Your Hand If You Still Like Music Downloads
146 50 Cent Says Tupac Shakur Movie ‘All Eyez on Me’ Is “Bulls**t”
147 Ripplemaker – A West Coast Flavored Modular Synth For iOS – Now Available
148 Melodies, Scales & Chords On The Novation Circuit
149 Big Publishers Feeling Cheated After Spotify’s Small Publisher Deal
150 Groovebox, a music app rigorously designed to give you a place to start

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