101 How a Single DJ Remix Resulted In Death Threats, Jailtime, and a Shut Down Club
102 Chris Brown Faces Felony Drug Charges After $15,000 Wire Discovered
103 Are the Webby Awards a Scam?
104 Samsung Attacks DMN for Suggesting They Manufactured Those Exploding Headphones
105 The Guy Who Started The Pirate Bay Is Now a Millionaire
106 US Copyright Office Listed Fake $25 Million Budget Item
107 BTS Fans Finally Understand What It’s Like to be Plagiarized
108 Barry Manilow Concealed His Homosexuality for Decades Fearing That Fans Would be ‘Disappointed’
109 Chris Brown Is Running an Amateur Tour, 50 Cent Says
110 Note to Self: Never Remix the Muslim ‘Call to Prayer’ In a Tunisian Club
111 Update: Pepsi Pulls Down Insensitive ‘Tone Deaf’ Ad Featuring Kendall Jenner
112 US Copyright Office’s Maria Pallante Grossly Wasted $11.6 Million
113 Tyler the Creator Just Deleted His Twitter Account (and Instagram’s Next)
114 Audiobus 3 is like having a modular environment for iOS apps
115 Waveform woos DAW switchers with clean UI, features, Raspberry Pi
116 Waldorf Quantum 8-Voice Hybrid Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)
117 Apple announces that they’re not ready to announce new pro hardware
118 I’m Warning You, Universal Music Group. If I Catch You Making One Spotify Exclusive…
119 I’m Warning You, Universal Music Group. Don’t Make This Stupid Mistake…
120 Music Industry Jobs: Who’s Getting Hired, Fired, and Retired
121 Watch artist Blawan go hands-on with the monster Arturia MatrixBrute
122 Spotify’s Billion-Dollar IPO Is Back on Track (Thanks to a Juicy UMG Deal)
123 FunkBox Drum Machine For iOS Updated With Ableton Link, AudioBus 3 & More
124 The AS-1 synth from Pioneer and Dave Smith is looking really cool
125 Goliath Lets You Control Up To 16 MIDI Parameters With One Knob
126 Arturia MatrixBrute Review By Techno Producer Blawan
127 Seventh Wave Festival To Feature Richard Barbieri, Thomas Dolby, Scanner
128 Zynaptiq Wormhole Specializes In ‘Otherworldly’ Sounds
129 Toontrack releases "Ambient Delays" and "Ambient Reverbs" EZmix Packs for EZmix 2
130 Zynaptiq releases ZAP II, DESIGN, REMIX and REPAIR Bundles with Introductory Pricing
131 Synth Magic announces P8000 Poly800 & DW8000 Library for Kontakt with pre-order offer
132 Cakewalk releases SONAR 2017.03 update - Redesigned MIDI Editing and Bluetooth MIDI Support
133 Audiobus 3 released (Audiobus 2 updated to v2.4.1)
134 SSL announces 24 Fader and AU Delta Control Plug-ins for AWS Consoles - enhanced Logic compatibility - available May 2017
135 Overloud releases EQ495 - EQ Plug-in for Mac & Win with Intro Offer
136 Softube updates software to v2.4.11 - releases Doepfer A-101-2 Vactrol LPG Modular module
137 Synchro Arts updates Revoice Pro to v3.3; launches 30% off sale
138 Zynaptiq releases WORMHOLE - Otherworldly Audio Effects Processor for Mac & Win with Intro Offer
139 Musical Sampling releases Adventure Strings for Kontakt with Intro Offer
140 Sinevibes updates Alternator, Corrosion, Dispersion and Multitude (Mac)
141 2nd Sense Audio releases free "2S Equalizer" plug-in for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX
142 Air Craft updates AC Sabre to v1.1.1 - Supports Audiobus 3; releases free AC Central iPad App for Bluetooth MIDI; announces 50% Sale
143 lostin70's updates ToneDeluxe Amplifier Plug-in to v1.1.1 - incl. Mac VST
144 Soundethers releases Dreaming for Omnisphere 2 - Moving textural sounds
145 Mystery Islands Music updates Virus|HC Editor & Librarian to v1.4.13
146 Resomonics updates Reflection for Kontakt to v1.6 (and 25% off in April)
147 Digital Brain Instruments releases Multiplex Vocoder 2
148 ‘Empire’ Creator Lee Daniels: I Tried to Commit Suicide by Contracting AIDS
149 Half of NPR’s Federal Budget Is Required to Protect Melania Trump In New York
150 This software is like getting a modular inside your computer, for free

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