151 Lily Allen: I Was Muzzled by the BBC…
152 Theo Katzman (of Vulfpeck) and Joey Dosik Make History at the Troubadour
153 FXpansion releases 3 Geist Expanders: "Top 40", "Jungle Breaks" & "8 Bit"
154 German High Court Slams Google Over a Sneaky Little Takedown Trick
155 Rast Sound releases "Persian Vocals" for Kontakt with intro pricing
156 Free Yamaha CS-80 Software Synth For Windows, Arminator
157 In Session Audio releases Free Riff 100 library for Stylus RMX and REX
158 Synthesis Technology Quad Morphing VCO, Cloud Terrarium VCO Now Available To Order
159 Patchpool releases Cornucopia for HALion 6
160 Venomode updates Maximal to v2.1.1 - with 50% off
161 ZenSound releases "Andromeda" for Repro-1
162 Plugin Alliance & Elysia release karacter Saturator Plug-in
163 Ardour updated to v5.10
164 Klevgränd adds AAX support to Korvpressor, Svep, SquashIt and R0Verb
165 Ample Sound releases Guitar Riffer (v2.5 update) - Guitars 20% Off
166 Plastic Surgery Addicts BTS Introduce Protective Sunscreen Line
167 Analogue Solutions Intros Mr Hyde Analog Filter Box
168 Moog Drummer From Another Mother Also A Sick Bassline Synthesizer
169 DM2 iPad Drum Machine Updated With MIDI Learn, Audiobus 3
170 Thorsten Quaeschning & Ulrich Schnauss – Synthwaves
171 The Largest Rock Band Franchises of Our Time
172 Tunecore Stiffed Us Bad, Says Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit
173 Justin Timberlake Could Owe Millions for Plagiarizing ‘Damn Girl’
174 Spotify: 140 Million Users, $600 Million In Losses, No Profit In Sight
175 Spitfire Audio Scares Up New Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit with Classic Sounds for Orchestration
176 G-Dragon’s USB Album Leaks Red Ink All Over Your Hands
177 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR) for Softube Modular System offers Six Filter Channels
178 Plughugger releases "The Little Fat Greek" for Omnisphere 2
179 Deplike Software updates Deplike with new tube amp models
180 FeelYourSound updates XotoPad Multi-Touch Controller for Windows to v2.6.0
181 Sample Logic releases Loop Session Series - Rhythmology for Kontakt with Intro Offer
182 SoundEngine releases Moog “The Source” for EXS24 & Presence XT
183 Gene Simmons Is Trying to Trademark the ‘Devil Horns’ Hand Gesture
184 Don’t miss Chagall’s mesmerizing live glove performances, new video
185 Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Could be Stripped After Plagiarism Discovered
186 How to Make $13 Million In 16 Months, by Lil Yachty
187 Unexpected Court Ruling Could Destroy the Pirate Bay
188 Bob Perry Audio updates Crossfader to 1.4.2
189 Pandora CEO Tim Westergren: In, or Out?
190 Free Music From Moby & The Void Pacific Choir
191 The Piino Portable Synthesizer – A Mobile Music Sketchpad
192 Warning Signs on Austin Jones Were Ignored for Years
193 HoRNet updates Sybilla de-esser to v1.3.0 adding AAX support
194 Adobe updates Premiere Pro CC 2017 to v11.1.2
195 Akai updates MPC Software to v2.0.2 Beta - Goes Dual Screen and adds Ableton Link
196 Gothic Instruments release DRONAR: Dark Synthesis for Kontakt with Intro Offer
197 MixVibes Remixlive iOS 3.0 - Beta Now Open
198 ASCAP and YouTube sign multi-year agreement for US public performance rights and data collaboration
199 Singer Austin Jones Busted on Child Pornography Charges
200 Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases GuitarScaped 2 library in multiple formats

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