151 Near-Bankrupt SoundCloud Calls the Financial Times ‘Fake News’
152 Naughty Seal Audio releases "Perfect Drums" for Mac & Win VST, AU and AAX with Intro Offer
153 MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to 6.07
154 SynthIV releases IV Line 2.0 (beta)
155 Roland System-8 Synthesizer Review
156 Elastic Drums 2.0 Brings Ableton Live Set Export
157 SynthiMuse Random MIDI Note Generator (Sneak Preview)
158 Maschine now makes it easy to work with external gear, spice up patterns
159 The first generation of CDs is already rotting and dying
160 Get Ready For This – The Sound Of The 90’s
161 CL-Projects releases three new Kontakt Bundles
162 New Documentary, Tecla Tónica, Explores The Electronic Music Of Portugal
163 Will Google Play Music + YouTube = Spotify Destruction?
164 Enter the wondrous world of Walter Giers’ electronic sound art
165 Two hours of video covers over a century of history of sound art
166 What Are Al Jarreau’s Most Classic Songs?
167 Get Ready for Two Albums of Completely Unreleased Prince Songs
168 This interactive Fatima Yamaha show projects emotions into light
169 Frank Ocean Says the Grammys Are “Putting People to Sleep”
170 Is SoundCloud Imploding? Top Execs Jump Ship as ‘Desperate’ Fundraising Begins
171 Singer Joy Villa Wears ‘Make America Great Again’ Grammys Dress
172 Acoustica releases Mixcraft 8 Music Creation and Production Software
173 Musical Entropy updates Guitar Gadgets (KVRDC14) to v1.3.4
174 Ardour updated to v5.6
175 Dream Audio Tools releases Dream Guitars - Cinematic Guitars for Kontakt
176 Grammys 2017: The Winners List
177 Music Triggers the Same Part of the Brain as Heroin, Study Finds
178 Breaking: Al Jarreau Family Issues Statement After Death
179 Al Jarreau Family Issues Statement After Death
180 Looping Synth Jam With Toys
181 Tangerine Dream – ‘Tangram’ (Cover)
182 Yamaha CS-60 Synth Jam
183 Autodafe releases G&S Custom Work 2.0 Drum Kits for Kontakt
184 Ardour 5.6 released
185 Happy Nerding PanMix Eurorack Module
186 Oscar Peterson’s Synths
187 Breaking: Hurricane Chris May Fight Kodak Black In a Celebrity Boxing Match
188 Are the Grammys Racist and Outdated? Macklemore the Latest to Protest
189 DrumCore 4.1 Plug-In adds Multiple Output Routing
190 Synthogy announces updated Ivory II Studio Grands
191 Dato Duo Synth For Two (Sneak Preview)
192 Three 5U Modular Synth VCOs Compared
193 Karplus-Strong Synthesis On The Organelle Synthesizer
194 Extremely Rare Prince Records Are Getting Re-Released
195 New Modular Effects Plugin, ‘System 1’
196 New FM Synth For iOS, Mac & Windows, ‘Baervaag’
197 Will Pandora Ever Make Money? Two-Year Losses Top $512.7 Million
198 Exponential Audio updates most plugins
199 Steinberg releases HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 and Absolute 3
200 Propellerhead updates Reason to v9.2.1

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