201 Roland Cloud 4.0 Adds Jupiter-8, Juno-106 Synths
202 TT-606 Replicant Sample Pack
203 Gospel Musicians Intros Neo-Soul Keys Studio
204 Ed Sheeran Announces Massive North American Tour (See Dates)
205 SXSW Responds: ‘We do not have the power to deport anyone.’
206 HoRNet AutoGain Pro updated to version 1.2.2
207 ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v5.6.4 for Windows
208 Steinberg VST 3.6.7 SDK Released (build 352) - Linux support and new licensing model
209 Eplex7 DSP releases Aelexis – Aural Vocoding Synthesizer Effect for Windows VST
210 Deskew Technologies updates Gig Performer to v1.5 - 50% off for limited time
211 FeelYourSound updates XotoPad Multi-Touch Controller for Windows to v2.5.0
212 Can Paris Jackson Shake Her Daddy’s Demons?
213 Cool 360° Tour Of The Roland Synth Museum
214 If Alexa Doesn’t Kill Sonos, Raumfeld’s Wifi Speakers Will…
215 Moogfest Unveils Performer Lineup, Program Highlights
216 Why Did FBI Director James Comey Suddenly Pull Out of SXSW?
217 Spotify Acquires Sonalytic. Will Artists and Publishers Get Paid Faster?
218 Download Radiohead’s grooves for use in Ableton, for free
219 EXO, BTS, and TWICE Making 10 Billion Won — Each — on Merchandise Alone
220 Vir2 Instruments releases "Vital Series: Mallets" for Kontakt Player
221 Spotify May Face Legal Action Over a Simple Russian Hack
222 Enter the surreal 1995 world of Laurie Anderson multimedia
223 GOT7 Joins Kpop’s Elite With 100 Million YouTube Views
224 Fake News! YG Didn’t Break a $60,000 Contract by Playing ‘F–k Donald Trump’
225 No, YG Didn’t Break a $60,000 Contract by Playing ‘F–k Donald Trump’
226 Lee Kwang Soo, BTS, EXO In Trouble After China-Korean Conflict
227 Harrison Consoles releases Mixbus v4
228 Welcome to Your New Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Retirement Home
229 Gospel Musicians releases "Neo-Soul Keys Studio" with Intro Offer (50% Off)
230 Sonic Visualiser v3.0 for Mac, Win & Lin released
231 MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular VST to v7.3.6
232 Audiowerkstatt mini-midi-drum-seq Drum Machine (Sneak Preview)
233 New Instrument, Stereo Field, Lets You Patch Analog Circuits With Touch Plates
234 The Acoustic Sounds Of A Vintage Minimoog
235 80’s Soundtrack Style Hardware Synth Jam
236 80’s-Style Sequencing With A Commodore Amiga Computer
237 Tangerine Dream – Pergamon (Cover)
238 Synth Jam With Moog Mother 32, DSI Pro 2 & Novation Supernova II
239 Hardware Synth Jam With Trautonium
240 Using An iPad Pro To Sequence Your Synth Rig
241 codeKnobs updates Synthet Universal Patch Editor for Hardware Synths (DSI currently) to v1.04
242 Channel Robot releases FreeForm Volume 1 for Kontakt 5.5+ (Free)
243 It’s Simple. Accurate Song Data = More Music Royalties
244 Behringer Building A Budget Minimoog Clone
245 Breaking: 90s Pop Singer Tommy Page Commits Suicide at 46
246 90s Pop Singer Tommy Page Commits Suicide at 46
247 Music Industry Jobs: The Latest Juicy Hires (and Fires)
248 Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.2
249 Rast Sound releases Kemenche Ethnic String Instrument for Kontakt with Intro Offer
250 Samples From Mars releases "2600 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic & 24-bit WAV

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