251 McDSP ships EC-300 Echo Collection
252 Why Foreign Artists Are Freaking Out About SXSW
253 EXO Beats Out BTS In Latest Kpop Popularity Ranking
254 Hearing a Steve Reich phase with two iPhones is oddly hypnotic
255 Pioneer just hit a sweet spot with their new DJ mixer
256 Is Too Short Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault?
257 ‘Nae Nae’ Rapper Silento Forcibly Detained by UAE Officials
258 Tone2 releases RayBlaster2 - Impulse Modelling Synthesizer
259 Inear Display releases Litote Granular Effect Plug-in for Windows and Mac with Intro Offer
260 VB-Audio releases VBAN-Receptor - Listen to VBAN Audio Stream on Local Networks
261 Volko Audio updates Q American Series (QA, QB and QG) to 1.1.0
262 TLC Finally Making Good on the $430,255 They Took from Fans… MAYBE.
263 Too Big to Fail? Spotify Hits 50 Million Paying Subscribers
264 BTS’ “Not Today” Didn’t Break Any YouTube Records, Data Shows
265 Hall and Oates Announce Joint North American Tour With Tears for Fears (See Dates)
266 Girls Generation’s Taeyeon Smashes Another 24-Hour YouTube Record
267 STEREO FIELD is a beautiful touchplate instrument and controller
268 Ford Removes CD Players from Upcoming 2018 Vehicles
269 BeatMaker releases 808 Bass Module 2 for Mac & Win
270 Bitwig Studio 2 Released
271 Steinberg updates Dorico Music Notation Software to v1.0.30
272 Ample Sound releases Bass Riffer for Virtual Bass Instruments (v2.5 updates)
273 Don’t miss Demian Licht’s wonderfully terrifying new release
274 Sample Logic releases "Rhythmology - The Future of Rhythm" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player with Intro Offer
275 Open Stage Control, v0.17.0 is released, now with MIDI support!
276 Michael Jackson’s Disgraced ‘Neverland Ranch’ Is Officially History
277 New DIY Synth, Deckard’s Dream, Inspired By Yamaha CS-80 (Sneak Preview)
278 Infected Mushroom Manipulator Vocal Processor Now Available
279 Confusion Studios Announces MDDX 1 and 2: MIDI controllers for Yamaha Reface DX
280 The Chainsmokers + Coldplay Just Smashed an All-Time YouTube Viewing Record
281 Win A Vintage Minimoog Model D Signed By Jan Hammer
282 Lil Wayne Comes Out of ‘Retirement’ for a 14-City Tour (See Dates)
283 Audified releases TNT Voice Executor - One-Click Voice Plug-in
284 Ruff Ryders and DMX Reunite for 20th Anniversary Show in Brooklyn
285 After Burning $2.57 million in 1.5 Years, Dart Music Declares Bankruptcy
286 Now Hiring: A Lawyer to Fix Facebook’s Music Licensing Mess
287 Eventide want to change how you think about processing audio
288 zplane.development releases élastiqueAAX Time & Pitch Manipulation Plugin with Intro Offer
289 Komplete Kontrol adds scales and modes, cooler chords, Reaktor Blocks
290 Mixvibes Intros Remixvideo MIDI-Compatible ‘Video Sampler’
291 SynthMaster One Features Expandable Wavetable Library
292 New Eventide Effect, Fission, Lets You Split Sounds And Change The Parts
293 FluffyAudio releases "Simple Jazz Bass" for Kontakt with Intro Offer
294 Native Instruments updates Komplete Kontrol software to v1.8
295 Ask Novation: What Do You Want To Know About The Novation Circuit?
296 Amazon S3 outage hit SoundCloud, reminds us dangers of centralization
297 Someone at Bitwig is working with Ableton Link on GitHub
298 Are Hundreds of Thousands of People Using Spotify Premium for Free?
299 Dieter Doepfer made the Nintendo Power Glove work for Kraftwerk
300 Bitwig Studio 2 Now Available

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