251 Pemberton Music Festival Just Went Bankrupt & Screwed Everyone
252 LSP plugins 1.0.24 released
253 Ardour 5.9 is released
254 Drumgizmo 0.9.14 is released
255 Steps is an iOS sequencer that works in your hand, sequences hardware
256 Bastl’s Dude is a €75 mixer in the space of four AA batteries
257 Did Medication Push Chris Cornell To Commit Suicide?
258 All My Favorite Grunge Musicians Are Dead
259 Will Pandora’s Arrogance Sink SiriusXM’s Buyout Once Again?
260 One Year After Going Dark, Live365 Returns from the Dead
261 Breaking: FCC Votes to Dismantle Obama Net Neutrality Laws
262 Soundgarden Legend Chris Cornell Tragically Commits Suicide
263 Snapchat Faces Massive Whistleblower Lawsuit for Defrauding Investors
264 Following ExtraTorrent Shutdown, 3 Replacement Sites Surface
265 After An Extended Downtime, ExtraTorrent Goes Down For Good
266 Exclusive Report: Spotify Artist Payments Are Declining In 2017, Data Shows
267 Has Hi-Fi Streaming Finally Arrived? A Merlin/MQA Deal Says Yes…
268 Disney Hostage Update: No Ransom Paid for Pirates of the Caribbean; FBI Involved
269 Diplo Tries to Remove His Crappy Justin Bieber Track from the Internet
270 The Latest Music Industry Jobs: Fires, Hires, and Promotions
271 Vladimir Putin Plays Piano Like a 3rd Grader
272 Turns Out SoundExchange Was Lying About Its CMRRA Acquisition
273 Ahead of NYSE Listing, Spotify Valued at $13 Billion
274 Spotify Introduces ‘Codes’ to Stimulate More Sharing
275 Windows 10 ‘Kill Switch’ Can Identify and Block All Illegal Downloads
276 Fyre Festival Refuses to Pay Its Employees
277 UMG to Prince Estate: Give Us Back Our $31 Million
278 Universal Music Group Has Its Best Financial Start In 15 Years
279 R.I.P. the MP3: (1995-2017)…
280 Epic Records Chairman & CEO Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid Exits
281 What Music Piracy Really Looks Like In 2017
282 Bow Wow Says He Wasn’t Lying About His Private Jet
283 While You Were Sleeping, Snapchat Lost $6 Billion In Value
284 Have You Taken the ‘Bow Wow Challenge’? Here Are the Top 10 Entries (So Far)…
285 XILS Lab Announces PolyM Virtual Synth, Recreating Classic Polymoog Keyboard
286 PSY Congratulates BTS for Following In His Footsteps
287 The Latest Music Industry Jobs: Hires, Fires, Shakeups, and Promotions
288 British Fans Spend $218 Million Annually on Shows They Never Attend
289 Spotify Illegally Streamed MP3s Before Getting Proper Licenses, Investigator Claims
290 Die Antwoord Announce Fifth Album and Massive World Tour (See Dates)
291 Looking for Coke and Popcorn? It’s Totally Dead.
292 Why Deregulation Destroys Spotify, Pandora & the Music Industry Comeback
293 For Sale: Pandora Internet Radio (Serious Offers Only)
294 TWICE Accused of Plagiarizing EXO’s ‘Supernatural’ Concept
295 Kendall Jenner Could Face Millions In Damages Over Fyre Festival Scam
296 Leaked Spotify Memo Begs EU Regulators to Slow Apple Down
297 Nick Cave Releases New Compilation Album In CD and Vinyl
298 Why Warner Music Is Taking YouTube’s Dirty Money
299 ZARAZA releases new album entirely recorded with Libre Music tools
300 New Drumgizmo version released with major new feature, diskstreaming!

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