451 AIR releases Flux Transitions Vol 2 for theRiser
452 Plugin Alliance releases Lindell Audio 354E Multiband Compressor Plugin
453 Apple updates Final Cut Pro X to v10.3.3
454 Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Sampler to v1.9.7
455 Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.2.2
456 Audified releases Studio Bundle with Intro Offer
457 LiquidSonics releases Seventh Heaven & Seventh Heaven Professional Fusion-IR Reverb Plug-ins (Including Promotional Pricing)
458 Noise Makers releases Ambi Limiter - B-format Brickwall Limiter for Mac & Win with Intro Offer
459 Matthieu Brucher releases Audio ToolKit 2.0.0
460 Guys Eats Vinyl Record After Losing Kendrick Lamar Bet (Watch)
461 Playing with this model of the human voice is weirdly addictive
462 What Are The Best Free Music Apps For Your Android and iOS?
463 Music Industry Jobs: Who’s Getting Hired, Promoted, Fired, and Retired
464 OurMine YouTube Hack: Here’s How to Protect Your Account
465 Wave Alchemy Revolution 1.1 adds seamless integration in Ableton Live via new Revolution Module Instrument
466 Turns Out Blake Shelton Isn’t a Raging Alcoholic, After All
467 Tunecore Is Offering Upfront Cash to Artists (Here’s How to Get It)
468 The nerdiest synth meet in the world, plus Tangerine Dream on a boat
469 Half-a-Million Rare Recordings are Rotting In the UK…
470 Impact Soundworks Debuts Peak Rider 2 with Five Dynamic Processing Modes
471 Remembering experimental idol and Pan Sonic founder Mika Vainio
472 Why Donald Trump Should Destroy the US Copyright Office
473 Breaking: Canadian Music Week Confirms Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino
474 On The Cusp of Profitability, Slacker Radio Confirms Massive Layoffs
475 Guess How Much YouTube Contributes to the Swedish Music Economy?
476 Big Bang, CL, BTS & Rap Monster Top the Chainsmokers Collaboration List
477 When Is Beyonce Giving Birth? Here’s What MDs Estimate…
478 Janelle Monae: “People Have to Start Respecting the Vagina”
479 30% of Indie Labels Have Given Up Trying to Fight Piracy
480 At 71, J Geils Passes Away At His Massachusetts Home
481 Musexpo: This Is the Conference That Could Change Your Career
482 United Airlines’ Stirring ‘Orchestra’ Ad Gets Brutally Roasted [Watch]
483 Alanis Morissette Had Just One Thing to Say After Her Manager Apologized for Stealing $7 Million
484 Music Industry Executive Predicts a Major ‘Wake-Up Call’ on Streaming
485 Are BTS ARMYs Too Cheap to Buy a Times Square Billboard?
486 Prince Trumpet Player’s 14 Rules You Can’t Break If You Want To Turn Pro
487 My Liberal Ass Spent 5 Nights on Kid Rock’s Chillin’ The Most Cruise
488 2008: United Airlines Smashes a Customer’s Guitar. 2017: United Airlines Smashes a Customer’s Face
489 Def Leppard, Poison, and Tesla Kick Off Joint North American Tour (See Dates)
490 Spotify Loses Global Partnerships Director in Stockholm Terror Attack
491 EXO Fans Spend Millions of Dollars on a Birthday Present (See Photos)
492 How I Went from a Shitty Rock Band to Playing Major Festivals
493 Think Blockchain Is Bulls—t? This New Initiative Might Change Your Mind
494 How a Single DJ Remix Resulted In Death Threats, Jailtime, and a Shut Down Club
495 Chris Brown Faces Felony Drug Charges After $15,000 Wire Discovered
496 Are the Webby Awards a Scam?
497 Samsung Attacks DMN for Suggesting They Manufactured Those Exploding Headphones
498 The Guy Who Started The Pirate Bay Is Now a Millionaire
499 US Copyright Office Listed Fake $25 Million Budget Item
500 BTS Fans Finally Understand What It’s Like to be Plagiarized

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