51 A Mural of Prodigy In Queensbridge Gets Vandalized Twice, Proving Rap Beef Never Truly Dies
52 The Richest Artists In the World Make 75%+ of Their Money from Touring
53 Despite Layoffs, SoundCloud Is Actively Posting New Jobs
54 Warner Music Group Just Acquired Songkick — But They Didn’t Go Near Its Ticketing Business
55 Celemony updates Capstan to v1.3
56 Heavyocity releases "Vocalise 2" with Intro Offer
57 Intua releases BeatMaker 3 for iPad with Intro Offer
58 PSP updates VintageWarmer2 to v2.7.0 - incl. VST3
59 Swar Systems updates Swar Studio to v3.0.1
60 Audio Assault releases Bulldozer High Gain Amp Simulator Plug-in with $5 intro price
61 Luftrum releases Lunaris - Pads Instrument for Kontakt Player
62 NuSpace Audio updates Muze to v1.1.3
63 Kuassa releases three guitar effect plug-ins: Efektor DS3603, FZ3603 and OD3603, and free "Silencer" plug-in
64 In February of 2016, KPMG Issued an Urgent Warning About SoundCloud’s Finances. It Was Ignored.
65 MIDIMood updates Kameleono to v1.1.1
66 Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.3.1.0 for Windows
67 Continuum Fingerboard 8.5 released with New System Presets and EaganMatrix Synth Capabilities
68 In 2015, a Spotify Investor Put $60 Million Into Believe. Now, Sony Is About to Buy Believe for $400 Million…
69 SoundCloud’s CEO Officially Responds to Bankruptcy Shutdown Rumors
70 Exclusive: Ed Sheeran Faces Yet Another Multi-Million Dollar Copyright Lawsuit
71 DMX Has 15 Kids + $1.7 Million In IRS Debt + 40 Years Of Possible Jailtime
72 How to Protect Your SoundCloud Collection Before It Goes ‘Poof’
73 Is Chance the Rapper About to Save SoundCloud?
74 Which Is Worse: Michael Jackson Naming His Kid ‘Blanket,’ or Jay-Z/Beyonce Naming Their Kid ‘Sir’?
75 u-he releases ReSequenced soundset for Repro-1
76 America’s First Asian Rapper, 2 Live Crew’s Fresh Kid Ice, Found Dead
77 Chris Cornell’s Suicide Left Three Kids Abandoned. Brad Pitt Just Stepped In as a Protective ‘Second Father’
78 The Two Biggest YouTube Music Videos Were Made by Berklee College of Music Alums
79 Someone Just Discovered an Unreleased Michael Jackson Album (Updated)
80 SoundCloud Has Just 50 Days to Live…
81 Singing Sensation Killed After His ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition. His Family Asked NBC Not to Cancel the Broadcast.
82 UVI announces Falcon expansion ‘Cinematic Shades’ for composers and modern producers
83 Music Publicist Rob Goldstone Could Face Felony Charges Over Election Interference
84 Would You Pay $1,200 for Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 8?
85 Did MTV Refuse to Air Black Musicians in the 80s?
86 Chris Cornell Suicide Photos + Autopsy Released (Graphic)
87 Koreans Can’t Wear Dreadlocks? EXO’s Kai Accused of ‘Cultural Appropriation’
88 Roger Waters Booed In New Orleans by Pro-Trump Fans
89 Spotify Just Got the Deal It Needed to Go Public
90 ‘Gangnam Style’ Is No Longer the Biggest YouTube Video
91 Here’s a Spreadsheet of 150 Ex-SoundCloud Employees
92 Google’s ‘Torrent Apocalypse’ Might Have to Wait, Sources Say
93 Jay Z’s ‘Platinum’ 4:44 Doesn’t Even Appear on the Billboard Charts
94 Spotify’s ‘Fake Artists’ Are Actually Real Artists Getting Paid. Still Outraged?
95 Looking for Concert Tickets? Then Don’t Use Google
96 Kendall and Kylie Jenner Are Gonna Bury Tupac’s Photographer
97 Breaking: Spotify Officially Responds to ‘Fake Artist’ Allegations
98 Kendall and Kylie Jenner Sued for Millions Over ‘Vintage’ T-Shirts
99 Why Hasn’t Donald Trump Appointed Anyone to Lead the US Copyright Office?
100 Spotify Allegedly Creates Fake Artists to Avoid Paying Real Ones (Updated)

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