51 SoundCloud Won’t be Profitable Until 2020, Latest Filing Shows
52 Mighty Is an iPod Shuffle for Spotify Users. But Is Mighty Paying Royalties?
53 Fan Claims She Was Kidnapped at a Show. Band Gets Arrested and Loses Entire Tour.
54 One Day Before the iPhone 8 Launches, Spotify Stops Working on Apple’s Safari
55 Ample Sound releases AG12 12-String Acoustic Guitar with 25% off
56 Roland Cloud Launches Cloud-Based Suite of High-Resolution Musical Instruments, Connected Services and Software for Musicians Worldwide
57 Roland announces D-05 Linear Synthesizer (D-50)
58 Vengeance Sound updates VPS Avenger to v1.2.1
59 borth audio launches with three instruments for Kontakt - Grate Piano, Gamble Kid and Sticky Rain (free)
60 Akai releases VIP (Virtual Instrument Player) Smart Keyboard software 3.0 - now supporting all MIDI Controllers
61 Origins of Audio releases "Mysterium - Deconstructed Toy Piano" for Kontakt (with intro price)
62 VC-1 is a multi-stage chorus iOS AU delivering classic sounds and much more
63 Ops is a modular you may have missed, and now includes sample record and playback
64 JSplash Studios releases Piano Tuner PT1 - Piano Tuning App for iOS and macOS
65 Replika Sound releases RSSD02 Dark Guitar for Kontakt 5
66 Full Bucket Music releases free FB-3100 v1.1.0 Synthesizer for Windows and macOS
67 Spotify Reaches 150 Million Active Users (and Nearly 65 Million Subscribers)
68 This Year, Not a Single Grammy Winner Thanked Radio. Here’s Why.
69 Listen to a 6,000+ Year Old Language — on SoundCloud
70 1 in 5 iOS Users Listens to Apple Music
71 Warner Music Is Betting Big on This ‘Dance EDM’ Thing the Kids Seem to Like
72 Cheating Accusations are Putting a Damper on BTS’ Success
73 Here’s How You Can Get Spotify and Hulu For Just $5
74 One of Spotify’s Biggest Rivals Will Join the Fight Against the ‘Mechanical’
75 YouTube Advertisers Are Ignoring Wealthy Baby Boomers, Study Finds
76 YouTube Cares About Paying Creators So Much, They’re Running Ads for Video Ad-Blockers
77 The World’s Largest Music Publishers Just Declared War on Spotify — In No Uncertain Terms
78 Somebody Just Offered $1 Million for Martin Shkreli’s Wu-Tang Clan Album
79 BTS’ Label Accused of ‘Illegal Marketing’ In Dirty Blackmailing Episode
80 Whoops: Spotify Executive Says That ‘Mechanical’ Licenses Should be Paid — In a Federal Filing
81 Why Is the LA Phil Advertising on
82 Major Labels Are Making $14.2 Million a Day From Streaming
83 Warner Music’s Owner Accused of Donating $1 Million to Donald Trump
84 Chris Brown Won’t Face Jailtime After Massive ‘Purple Drank’ Bust
85 SoundCloud May Be Dying, But Artists Like Kaytranada Still Believe
86 The World’s Largest YouTube-to-MP3 Converter Is Getting Shut Down
87 Is BTS Addicted to Plastic Surgery? We Asked a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills
88 Somebody Asked 13-17 Year Olds How They Listen to Music. Half the Answers Didn’t Exist When They Were Born.
89 Does Your Child Listen to ‘Loud, Heavy Rock Music’? He Might Be a Neo-Nazi
90 Guess Which Music Company Has a $10 Billion Valuation Before Its IPO? (Hint: It’s Not Spotify)
91 Surprise! Spotify Says They Don’t Owe Anything for ‘Mechanicals’
92 Super Audio Cart PC virtual synth brings chiptune funtime with waves from 80s and 90s PCs
93 Radio Is Dead In 10 Years. This Study Proves It.
94 Exclusive: A BTS Sunscreen & Cosmetics Line Is Coming In September
95 Here’s How Apple Will Convince You to Spend $1,000 On An iPhone
96 This Artist Left a Successful Career to Travel the World
97 ‘The Simpsons’ Composer Fired After 28 Years
98 This Record Label Is Giving 100% Of Its Profits to Hurricane Harvey Relief
99 ‘Back to Life, Back to Reality’ Singer Melissa Bell Dead at 53
100 UVI announce OB Legacy synth and Vintage Vault 2 synthesizer collection

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