So who is this guy? His name Marco Davids also known as Artist “Castor Six” an electronic musician/music producer, CEO/founder of Castor6 Records and Owner/Engineer at Alpha Gem Studio, a complete package fully dedicated to all aspects of music!

Marco started as an electronic musician in 2009, starting to explore some electronic music hardware in combination with music software plug-ins on a DAW PC. Created his first album “Sextuple Star System” in 2011. Therefore founded Castor6 Records to distribute the album in the digital music world. Successfully launched the album worldwide in all major stores.

Castor6 Records was born and soon after that great local and international musicians signed to the label and joined forces as the Castor6 Music Artists. We were on the role and produced some marvellous music albums, singles and videos in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. All of these beautiful music pieces where fully recorded, mastered and contracted. Through social media we all benefitted with this unique combination of musical "All Styles of Electronics without boundaries and rules just Passion for Music" network, and gained popularity. The Label contributed and fulfilled the dreams and goals of the independent musicians by publishing their music in a professional way!

Marco started as a musician, but found that what he enjoyed most was working behind the scenes. Making others music superb and see a "BIG" smile on the involved musicians faces, a sign of pure musical happiness. To compete with other studios new improvements and investments were necessary, so at the beginning of 2014 the castor6 records studio was rebuild at new location. Lots of technical drawings and measurements further, improvements were made for the best performance studio setup in a neutral acoustic flat room. Combined investments in new sound equipment were made to house some of the best monitors and recording gear available.

Finally in 2014 Alpha Gem Studio was born with audio HQ mastering capabilities onboard to make a master that sounds perfect on all speaker systems. A service to provide audio High Quality Mastering to all kinds of Musicians, Bands and Record Labels around the world. All skills as a mastering engineer were created in the past 4 years, working hundreds of hours on music pieces from artists of the label. These listening sessions with all diversity in sound genres, quality and musical differences, formed my technical approach and trained my hearing capability to pinpoint each detail in the mastering process.

As a musician you have to stay focused and try new things, take on challenges and make new collaborations. So in 2014 it happened, a new electronic musical duo was founded, named: “Twin Sparks”. Consisting of dj/composer/musician A. Kopijn (Da Phonz) and producer/mastering engineer H.D.M. Davids (Castor Six). This resulted in a great release through Castor6 Records, the Album “Ascension DNA”, a marvellous musical journey with 14 tracks, completely mastered and recorded at Alpha Gem Studio.


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