Flandersh Tech Dynamension

Dynamension for Windows VST3 (64-bit) is a creative dynamic processor that breaks up the ordinary structure of compressors and expanders, making it possible to feed the main path, side...

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Fanan Team Spacelifter 4

Spacelifter 4 represents the next chapter in the evolution of our modular space effect, bringing a big, dramatic echo-reverb sound. It combines three well-known 3D spacing modules:

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Leisure Class Audio Night Visions - Presets for TAL J-8

64+ presets for the TAL J-8 synthesizer. Presets for Pads, Leads, Arps, Basses, Plucks, FX, and Drums.


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Vicious Antelope The River - Phase Plant Presets

The River - Phase Plant Presets

The River contains 59 Phaseplant presets with cinematic flavor. There are 55 different patches plus some variations of four of them. Using the...

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Touch The Universe Productions Eternal Resonance for Phaseplant

The Eternal Resonance Soundset expansion for Kilohearts Phaselplant contains 118 ultra high quality presets for any electronic and ambient genres. The presets are extremely versatile due...

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Sampletrip 05 Impressions Soundbank

This Collection Includes 62 Custom Made Presets For The Korg 05R/W module Mostly Suitable For Ambient, Soundtrack, Electronic And Pop/Rock Music. The Majority Of The Sounds Are Synth Pads,...

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Leap Into The Void Expand Your Mind


Expand Your Mind for Serum is an ostinato-spiral of flow, a passage through dimensions and a seductive voyage of rhythmic sequences, tempo-synced pads and what...

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Sonora Cinematic Panorama Guitars

Panorama Guitars is a Kontakt Player virtual instrument born from a love of the guitar textures of post-rock and shoegaze acts, sounds that have inspired a plethora of music for media in...

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Soundtheory Kraftur

Kraftur has been carefully engineered to enrich your mix, allowing you to elevate power and density while preserving the original integrity of its dynamics. Using new, proprietary DSP methods,...

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AIR Music Technology Soft Clipper

Inspired by the original, reimagined, and optimised to give beat makers and music producers everything they need to get the ultimate energy from the mix.

AIR Soft Clipper, a...

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Leap Into The Void Ceremonial Rites

Soundscapes and Rituals.

Description: Ceremonial Rites features ancient mystic rites in the form of soundscapes like eerie, organic atmospheres, environmental sounds, granular...

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Leap Into The Void Belight And Plucks

Description: Belight And Plucks features physical modeled guitars, arpeggio presets, plucks, synths, mallets, dulcimer aswell as pads, soundscapes and more. All sounds and presets offering...

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Leap Into The Void Allure

Atmospheres Granularity And Pulsata.

Description: Allure features atmospheres, granular atmospheres, soundscapes, sequences and pulses. Inspired by the noise and granular sources...

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Leap Into The Void Crystalline Textures 3

Crystalline Textures 3. The inductive state of ordered and logical structures of tonality, pulses, noise, dirt, clicks, glitches, feedback and scraping.

Crystalline Textures...

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ModeAudio Mosaic: Vital Arp Presets

Mosaic - Vital Arp Presets from ModeAudio sends your head into a spin, with its collection of spiralling, richly-textured synth sequences dancing out elaborate musical patterns late into...

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VG Trumpet VG Jazz Cello


NI Kontakt Sound Library, WAV, NKI:
Set up to work with breath controllers (TEControl, MRTAudio), wind controllers (AKAI EWI4000s, EWI5000, Roland...

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inouï samples Bowed Guitar


Bowed Guitar puts at your fingertips a tool developed with composer Clovis SCHNEIDER for musical creation.

This collection of 3096...

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OCTO8R Abyssi 2

42 (+49) presets satiate you with wonderful Cherry Audio duophonic replication of ARP 2600 synthesizer.

Presets include:
Bass - 15 (+17 Bonused). Lead - 10 (+13 Bonused)....

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Thenatan X-Plugins Bundle - 9 High-quality audio plugins


We are excited to announce the release of the X-Plugins Bundle.

Thenatan is back with a set of nine brand-new high-quality...

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Vicious Antelope Ambient Colors 2: Pianos - Pigments Presets

Ambient Colors 2: Pianos - Arturia Pigments presets

Ambient Colors 2: Pianos contains 71 Arturia Pigments presets also available for Analog Lab V users. Here you may expect...

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