App Sound Behringer Pro-800 Vintage Vision

Vintage Vision is a sound pack with 70 new brilliant preset patches for the Behringer Pro-800. Welcome to a serious bank with very useful sounds for synthesists and keyboard player.

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musictop instruments Piano XS

PIANO XS is a free and open source virtual instrument.

A successor of ORCHESTOOLS | PIANO S, now featuring:

2 acoustic grand piano models, balanced and reprocessed...

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NatLife Sounds Blade Runner 2077 for GForce Oberheim OB-X

NatLife Sounds presenting Blade Runner 2077 for GForce Oberheim OB-X VST synthesizer.

This sound pack is inspired by the sounds of "Blade Runner" and "Blade Runner 2049" cinema....

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Thenatan Aura - Cinematic Granulator VST
Ever dreamt of crafting cinematic soundscapes in mere moments?
Or conjuring lush pads and unforgettable melodies for your beats?

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Kaixo MiniSynthFM

MiniSynthFM is an intuitive and efficient FM Synthesizer, crafted for musicians and producers who prioritize a fast, creative workflow....

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Reverb Machine Chroma Campfire

Chroma Campfire is a nostalgia-filled preset pack for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab, deeply inspired by the distinctive soundscapes of Boards of Canada. This collection includes 80 meticulously...

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Axart Software ChaosArp


Introducing ChaosArp, the next-level MIDI arpeggiator designed to transform your musical ideas into intricate, dynamic patterns with a unique twist. ChaosArp is...

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Audio Fluff PyPhonic

With PyPhonic you can edit and run Python code directly in the DAW, in realtime. It can process both audio (stereo or mono) and MIDI input, returning audio and MIDI output. It can be placed...

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Revealed Recordings Revealed Serum Techno Pads Vol. 1

Revealed Serum Techno Pads Vol. 1 is a collection of 64 presets designed to add depth and epic storytelling options to your breakdowns.

This suite offers a broad range of ambient...

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patchpool Maelstrom for VPS Avenger 2

Let yourself be sucked into a spiraling maelstrom of colorful sounds, dive into the sonic possibilities of granular and spectral synthesis, Maelstrom for Avenger 2 will explore the new...

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W. A. Production Dynawide

Advanced Sound Reviver

When it comes to audio processing, sometimes happy mistakes can transform your sound in surprising ways. But more often than not, you need a precise surgical...

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Audiority Doomagorgon

Doomagorgon is our take on one-half of a Boss FZ-2 (the Univox SuperFuzz channel) and one-half of the HM-2 to create the ultimate two-headed infernal riff beast.

It can go from...

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The Very Loud Indeed Co. Omnisphere Specto

IMPORTANT: This product requires a licensed copy of Omnisphere 2.8.

Omnisphere Specto is a collection of 120 new cinematic patches for Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2.8 synthesizer....

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Crocus Soundware Liminal: Spirited FLutes

Introducing LIMINAL: SPIRITED FLUTES, a library of diversely textured concert, alto and bass flutes - playable using the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1+. The library's articulations are...

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Oblivion Sound Lab Public Broadcast

Melted analog sounds for TAL-Pha

Public Broadcast is a trip back in time to the heyday of analog synthesisers, featuring 88 patches for TAL-Pha that celebrate the nostalgic...

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killihu Session Clips for Ableton Live

This device provides an alternative method for inserting Session View clips into Arrangement tracks. Displays Session clips from one of the project's tracks in a floating window, allowing...

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Purgatory Creek Soundware The Classics Collection

The CLASSICS COLLECTION for Native Instruments Kontakt includes seven iconic vintage keyboard instruments/modules.

The collection spans over two decades of vintage instruments...

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Anemond Sloom

Sloom is an extreme timestretcher that turns any sound into a lush soundscape. By radically slowing down playback, sounds are transformed into smooth, malleable matter that can be expressively...

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Baywood Audio Master Sauce

What is Master Sauce?

Get that last 10% you need to make your track competitive with the pros. Master Sauce is packed full of 25 mastering chains that are ready to make your...

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Noisebud TALC

Smooth high-end without making any compromises.

Noisebud TALC combines a linear phase Hi-Shelf boost with the saturation engine from Noisebud Square2 for added color, but that's...

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