Universal Audio UADx LA-2A Tube Compressor

With its gentle, program dependent optical compression, and meticulously designed tube amplifier, the LA-2A hardware has been a go-to compressor for professional mixers around the world...

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Black Lion Audio announces Revolution 6x6 audio interface

Black Lion Audio has introduced the Revolution 6x6, a high-end portable recording interface. As part of their expanding product lineup, it serves as a versatile studio tool,...

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Cherry Audio releases PS-3300 Synthesizer with Intro Offer

Cherry Audio has announced the launch of PS-3300, describing it as "an exactingly faithful virtual analog emulation of the Korg semi-modular analog polyphonic synthesizer...

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TONSTURM updates DopplerPRO to v1.1.0

TONSTURM has updated DopplerPro to v1.1.0 and, for the next two weeks, it's available at 30% off.

New in v1.1.0:
Air Delay Display: Visualize the silence caused by the...

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Cherry Audio PS-3300 Synthesizer

A Legendary Giant Reborn

PS-3300 is an exactingly faithful virtual analog emulation of the colossal and ultra-rare semi-modular analog polyphonic synthesizer released by KORG...

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Waves announces SuperRack SoundGrid V14 - Offline Editing, Apple Silicon Support, and more

Waves Audio has announced Waves SuperRack SoundGrid v14, now available with Offline Editing, Apple Silicon Support, and more.

Waves has added an offline mode to the existing...

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HoRNet updates Tape MK2 to v2.1.0

HoRNet has just updated Tape MK2, the analog tape simulation machine, to version 2.1.0.

This update is a feature release and also include some bug fixes:

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APU Software updates Loudness Compressor and Loudness Meter to v1.9.4

APU Software has updated APU Loudness Compressor and APU Loudness Meter to version 1.9.4.

Changes in version 1.9.4 include:
Add makeup/bypass/gate low-level modes for...

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Denis Porfiryev RMSC

RMSC is a simple ring modulation sidechain VST3 plugin.


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Sound Dust DRIFT 003

DRIFT 003 is a sample library for Kontakt woven entirely from AI vocal generators and a smattering of mouth derived organic recordings. Weird and impossible singing styles made real and...

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Resonance-Sound Future EDM Generations Vol.3 for Serum

The successful all-in-one EDM series continues. Welcome to Future EDM Generation Vol.3 for Serum, where you will find all the latest trendsetting future edm serum sounds. From future rave...

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SampleScience 80s DrumStar


80s DrumStar is a drum module featuring the sound of the Elka DrumStar 80, a mid-80s drum machine from Italy with a great lofi...

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Mensla FMD

FMD is a distortion plugin that adds rich FM harmonics with a single knob. Combined with a soft clipper, you can quickly transform any signal.

Sound demo - https://youtu.be/V06n4smBGJ8?si=EJmaDhjUElstNgNg...

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Endorphin.es unveils Ghost Pedal - Designed in collaboration with Andrew Huang

Endorphin.es, has unveiled Ghost Pedal, a multi-effects pedal, "designed for audacious sound designers and electrifying live performers". Here's what they say:


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NUGEN Audio releases AB Assist 2

NUGEN Audio has released AB Assist 2, a tool for quickly comparing multiple pieces of audio. This could be different takes, mix revisions, versions of a master, plug-in options, or something...

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Andi Vax Andi Vax “Synplant 2 Melodic Techno”

Fresh collection of premium presets for SonicCharge Synplant 2 synthesizer. It's perfect for Melodic Techno, House and EDM styles. (Use coupon "StandWithUkraine" for 50% discount till 16.10.2023)....

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Audiofier releases Blent Series for Kontakt with intro price

Audiofier has released the Blent Series for the full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 and above.

Blent Series consists of 10 libraries that offer a comprehensive...

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Uhhyou GenericDrum

GenericDrum is a generic drum synthesizer using delays. This one can make convincing snare and bass drum sounds. Cymbal sounds can be made, but it's not as good as more lower drum...

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Mercuriall Audio Software 6160III

6160III is part of Mercuriall Ampbox platform. You will get Ampbox for free with 6160III purchase.

Amp model on the EVH 5150III 100W Stealth. It includes a Stealth and Classic...

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Sinuslabs Frontrow

Frontrow DAW Dancers.

- 7+ characters.

- dance to audio input.

- no more boring project showoffs.

- never be alone in the studio.

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