FabFilter releases Pro-Q 2 as AUv3 for iPad, starts Summer Sale Pro-Q 2 now available as AUv3 plug-in for iPad

FabFilter has announced the release of Pro-Q 2 as AUv3 plug-in for iPad, so you can now use the EQ in popular host apps such as Cubasis, AUM and n-Track Pro. FabFilter is planning to make more plug-ins available as AUv3 plug-ins in the near future.

Of course, all FabFilter plug-ins are also available as in-app purchases in Auria for iPad, and FabFilter will continue to support these.

View Pro-Q 2 in the App Store.

The FabFilter Summer Sale has started

Until August 1, 2018, FabFilter is running a Summer Sale in the online FabFilter web shop, offering 25% discount on all plug-in bundles. See www.fabfilter.com/shop for more info.

In addition, customers who already own one or more FabFilter plug-ins can login to their account at www.fabfilter.com/myaccount and purchase additional plug-ins with 25% discount or more via their Personal Upgrade Offer....

New Sonic Arts releases Nuance 2.0

New Sonic Arts has updated Nuance - the instrument and drum sampler - to version v2.0101.

Nuance 2.0 Overview

The update includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • User Samples and User Presets databases.
  • Choke Groups / Round Robin.
  • New Modulation Drag and Drop system.
  • Added 3rd Modulation Envelope per Group.
  • Added 3rd LFO per Group.
  • New Table modulators: tempo-synced step-sequencers.
  • New Chorus FX.
  • New FM FX.
  • Save with Samples now has a 'Collate samples' option (Core).
  • Export to SFZ format.
  • Group multi-select for parameter batch edit.
  • Improved workflow for copy/paste/duplicate/drag of Pads and Groups (Core).
  • SFZ import enhancements (Core).
  • MIDI and Automation assignment shortcuts (on context menu).
  • Set Value context menu option: specify value by text input (Core).
  • Drag files from internal browser to OS and/or host (host-dependent).
  • Various internal engine optimizations (Core).
  • Updated skin (Core).
  • Various minor bug fixes (Core).

This update is available for free to all registered users in the User Area. Core features are available to all license holders, non Core features are only accessible with a V2 license. The V2 upgrade fee is 49 EUR. Users who purchased Nuance 1.x since Jan 1st 2018 will receive a free upgrade.

New customers can purchase Nuance V2 for 99 EUR.

A free demo is also available to download here....

Ableton shared this massive set of video tutorials on how to use Ableton Live 10.

The videos cover setting up your audio interface, setting up MIDI, configuring inputs and outputs., the user interface, session and arrangement views, Wavetable, Drum Buss, recording, MIDI sequencing, Ableton Link and more.

If that’s not enough videos for you, they also released a set of videos on Ableton Push 2:...

Sunday Synth Jam: Multi-instrumentalist Ace Waters shared this video song cover of Time, from Hans Zimmer‘s Inception soundtrack.

Waters is joined by guitarist Ro Panuganti....

This video, via Fabbri’s Midnight Librarians, takes a look at the new Roland System-8 firmware 1.2.

Here’s what’s new in System-8 v.1.20: Filters from the JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106, formant filters to recreate the human voice and a strong harmonic filter that can produce powerful feedback tones:

  • Variation 4 JP-8
  • Variation 5 JU-106
  • Variation 6 FORMANT 2
  • Variation 7 FORMANT 3
  • Variation 8 HARMONIC FILTER

The update also adds new FM oscillators:

  • Variation 3
    • FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 1)
    • FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 1.5)
    • FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 2)
    • FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 3.5)
    • FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 15)
    • FM 2 operator (FM 6 : 1)
  • Variation 4
    • FM 5 operator (FM Type A)
    • FM 5 operator (FM Type B)
    • FM 5 operator (FM Type C)
    • FM 5 operator (FM Type D)
    • FM 5 operator (FM Type E)
    • FM 5 operator (FM Type F)

This video covers the new oscillators and filters in depth....

HY-Plugins updates HY-Slicer, HY-SEQ16x3v2 and HY-Filter3

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