Samplur PROMaster.

Samplur PROMaster is a mastering rack to master songs.

This plugin joins several tools...

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Psytrance Plugins SAMPLUR PROSYNTH

Samplur PROSynth.

Samplur PROSynth is a powerful Phase Distortion synth.

The synth has 2 PD oscs with the...

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Samplur PROSample.

Samplur PROSample is a .wav and .sf2 player/sampler.

The user can use the .wav sampler,...

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Psytrance Plugins SAMPLUR PRODRUMS

Samplur PRODrums.

Samplur PRODrums is a drum machine with 16 slots that load .wav files.

This plugin is also...

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Psytrance Plugins SAMPLUR PROATMOS

Samplur PROAtmos.

Samplur PROAtmos is an atmosphere, pad and FX generator.

This plugin is the fusion of Esfera...

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Psytrance Plugins SAMPLUR PROBASS

Samplur PROBass.

Samplur PROBass is a Psytrance Bass generator.

This plugin generates Psytrance Bass and...

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Psytrance Plugins SAMPLUR PROKICK

Samplur PROKick.

Samplur PROKick is a bassdrum/kick generator.

This plugin generates bassdrums based in 2...

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Psytrance Plugins SAMPLUR PROSFX

Psytrance Plugins - Samplur PROSFX.

Samplur PROSFX is a special effects generator.

This plugin is a simple...

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SlapAsSound Enjoy The Silence | VST

You can test similar free VST here:

"Enjoy The Silence" is song specific VST instrument, inspired from Depeche Mode hit song "Enjoy...

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Tom Wolfe Ambient Dreams for Vital

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Ambient Dreams: a collection of 50 gorgeously serene presets for Vital. Infused with the unmistakable character of digital synthesis, Ambient Dreams is...

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SampleScience Majestic Celesta

Discover our Celesta Virtual Instrument plugin, a digital rendition of the bell piano.

It features a multi-sampled...

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NUGEN Audio Halo Suite

Halo Suite includes Halo Vision, Halo Upmix, Halo Downmix and 3D extensions. These are industry standard tools for 3D and immersive workflows, including Dolby Atmos.

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Touch The Universe Productions Aeon State for Hive 2


We are excited to announce Aeon State, our fifth bank for U-he's Hive 2 synthesizer, containing 107 presets and...

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Sample Logic ultraSPHERE

Introducing our all-new virtual instrument engine: ultraSPHERE - Soundscape Designer.

ultraSPHERE features 1,700 sample instruments and presets powered by our new UltraEngine,...

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Soundiron Hopkin Instrumentarium: Handsome Dan

Hopkin Instrumentarium: Handsome Dan is an experimental custom creation from the mind of master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin: A stringed Zither with a unique twist. The key is a clever...

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Wire Grind Fuzzoa

Fuzzoa is a sidechain-able distortion plugin from Wire Grind.

Fuzzoa uses its sidechain to control its waveshaper. The result is a distinctive distortion that varies with time....

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SaschArt BinauralAscension

Introducing BinauralAscension, a revolutionary program that combines the power of continuously ascending sounds (Shepard tones) with the power and effects of binaural beats.


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Zero-G Sample Libraries Shadow Strings

Welcome to Shadow Strings, a darker side of the cello that can add suspense, mystery, and a sense of uniqueness to any of your compositions. This ground-breaking Kontakt sample library...

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Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio Battalion

Battalion delivers the diverse tonalities and parameters of iconic drum synths with the sampling capabilities and accessibility of modern drum machines. Whether you want to generate solid-studio...

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OCTO8R Sharp Fangs

40 presets pack Sharp Fangs for LION by Unfiltered Audio.

Harness the sonic beast LION and enjoy the grip of its fangs! GROWL.

Pack includes:
Bass 10. Lead...

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