French composer & synthesist Jean-Baptiste Favory shared this short video, demonstrating using an EMS Synthi AKS (1972) played and recorded through a La Voix du Luthier Onde acoustic resonator.

La Voix du Luthier has created two acoustic resonators, the Onde and the Pyramid, that are designed to be an alternative to using speakers to amplify electronic instruments. They are in the tradition of the diffuseurs of French instrument designer Maurice Martenot. Instead of being designed to reproduce sound accurately or ‘flat’, they’re designed to resonate, to become part of your electronic instrument and part of your sounds.

Favory uses the combination for acoustic performances, because the Synthi’s signal is not directly amplified by a speaker, but is amplified acoustically with the vibrations of the Onde’s wooden body.

You can read more about the Onde in our interview with creator Christophe Duquesne....

Sunday Synth Jam: Multi-instrumentalist Fontaine Burnett shared this LinnStrument performance, For McCoy, dedicated to the late jazz pianist McCoy Tyner, who died March 6, 2020.

via Roger Linn


Sunday Synth Jam: Sonic sorceress Lisa Bella Donna is featured in this live streamed performance.

Her performance starts about 7 minutes into the live stream, and is an improvised concert on a gorgeous array of new and vintage gear. Featured synthesizers include the ARP 2600, ARP Axxe, ARP String Ensemble, Moog One, Minimoog Voyager, a 9-unit Mother-32/DFAM Eurorack system and more.

You can view Lisa Bella Donna’s performance via the embed above. After the event, there’s a short break and then some Q & A time.

The concert, Oscillations: Celebrating the Transcendental Language of ARP and Moog was presented by The Bob Moog Foundation & the Alan R Pearlman / ARP Archives Foundation, two non-profit organizations that are dedicated to preserving the legacy of pioneers of synth design. Both of the organizations are independent of the current manufacturers of Moog and ARP instruments, so they rely on donations to support their missions.

This event was a fundraiser to help support the Moogseum, which was forced to close its doors recently because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’d like to help support the Moogseum and future events, you can make a donation via Paypal or with a credit card. Lisa Bella Donna’s albums are available on Bandcamp....

Agnew Analog shared this video demo of the Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 8001, a new instrument that’s like a chemistry set for strange sounds.

The instrument was “Handcrafted for a harsh noise artist from Slovenia.”

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Agnew Analog Reference Instrument Type 8001 is a unique electrochemical synthesizer, generating strange sounds through chemical reactions occurring in the built in reactor cell.

The reactions occur by passing an electrical current through various electrolyte solutions.

These can range from simple household items, such as vinegar, lemon juice, salt water, dry martini (stirred, not shaken) and various fizzy drinks, to more complex solutions to satisfy the investigative chemical engineer in search of danger and excitement.

The reactor cell acts as a miniature galvanic bath, with a selection of different electrode materials offering a wide range of sounds.

See the Agnew Analog site for more details....

ASM Hydrasynth Gets Free 128 Patch Sound Library

Ashun Sound Machines has released a new free custom patch bank for the Hydrasynth.

Here’s what they have to say about the free sound library:

“Programmed by The Sun God RA a.k.a. Roger Austli, the 128 patches in this patch bank are the result of Nordic winters in the 1980’s; icy winds, frozen breath, the darkness of the polar night, yet rays of sunlight, warm pads and fireplaces.

All patches makes perfect use of the Polyphonic Aftertouch feature of both the Hydrasynth Keyboard and Desktop, and the Ribbon Controller of the Keyboard offers that extra bit of control for the patches. The featured Macro function of each patch re-arranges the atmosphere from one extremity to the other, not unlike the arctic winters of Norway.”

The patch bank is available as a free download from the ASM site....

Novation has released a free update for the SL MkIII MIDI keyboard controller and sequencer, adding unquantized recording.

Here’s what they have to say about firmware v1.3:

We’re excited to bring an important new feature to the SL MkIII range of MIDI keyboard controllers. New in firmware v1.3 is unquantised recording, which brings new flexibility and musicality to the built-in sequencer.

In the previous firmware version, we introduced micro-step editing, allowing users to position notes off the grid for subtle timing variations. With unquantised recording, users have the ability to record into these micro-steps. This means that the organic, human quality of performances and punched-in beats can be captured in all their wonky glory.

The ability to record off the grid in the SL MkIII sequencer has been one of the most requested features from users. Now, even the most rhythmically complex ideas can be captured without losing the vibe.

The update is available now as a free download....