Universal Audio UAD C-Suite C-Max

Developed by C‑Suite Audio exclusively for Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware, C‑Max gives you ultra‑transparent limiting to extreme maximizing and distortion effects, with three...

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ADC23 Countdown: The Audio Developers Conference is Next Week

The 9th Annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC23) is just a week away, and limited in-person tickets remain available for this groundbreaking event. The conference kicks off from November...

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killihu MIDI Explorer for Ableton Live

MIDI Explorer allows you to preview MIDI files directly on an instrument track, and load them as a clip into the project directly from the device using drag and drop.

The device...

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Nightfox Audio String Central

String Central is a stack of 13 beautiful layers, sampled over the entire fretboard of incredible classical instruments. A virtuoso cellist brings the depth and richness of the cello in...

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Nightfox Audio Plucks and Mallets

Concert Pedal Harp, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Acoustic Harmonics, Steel Tongue Drum, Cello, Electric Guitar, keys and more. Plucks and Mallets was crafted carefully from 11 instruments so it...

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Nightfox Audio Grand Piano Suite

Grand Piano Suite is a stack of grand pianos, recorded on every key at 3-5 unique velocities. A full ten foot grand piano in a huge chamber, an old upright grand piano with felt, and a...

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Bjt2 updates free Crescendo programmable VST plugin to v1.0.70 for Windows

Bjt2 has updated their free Crescendo plugin to version 1.0.70 with various enhancements and bug fixes:
Introduced programmable MIDI sequencer mode. Introduced a secondary...

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Orchestral Tools releases Konduit in collaboration with Peter Van Hoesen

Orchestral Tools have announced the release of Konduit, the latest addition to their FABRIK series of instrument collections.

Developed in collaboration with...

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Universal Audio UAD Century Tube Channel Strip

Capture "first take" magic with easy-to-use preamp, EQ, and compression:
With a vintage-inspired tube mic preamp, transparent dynamics control, and intuitively voiced EQ, the Century...

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Psychic Modulation MondoMelt

MondoMelt is a lo-fi character effect designed for quickly creating tape vibes on the fly, taking the melting and tone-shaping capabilities of Echomelt3 and wrapping them up into a compact...

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Vicious Antelope Gloomy Sun - PS-20

Gloomy Sun soundbank contains 60 polyphonic synth presets for Cherry Audio PS-20 plugin. The patches sound vintage and fit to a variety of retro styled music genres. Most of them were designed...

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Eplex7 DSP Psychedelic space soup

Eplex7 DSP Psychedelic space soup - magic plugin effect.

Have you ever tasted psychedelic space soup? Its taste is different, a taste you have never tried before. After the...

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Rigid Audio releases "Ultron" for Kontakt

Rigid Audio has released Ultron, a wavetable based rhythm sequencer for Kontakt 6.7.1 (or higher).

Ultron is a wavetable based 8-step rhythm sequencer that features a dual-preset...

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Rigid Audio Ultron

Ultron is a wavetable based 8-step rhythm sequencer for Kontakt 6.7.1. It features a dual-preset layout with 2x 16 presets that can be blended and morphed in realtime.


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Acousmodules SpatStrument GR24

The SpatStrument GR24 (for GRains and Gesture Recorder) is a versatile instrument dedicated to sample mangling and granular kind effects. It can record or load a mono WAV file and process...

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Soundiron releases Rust 4 - Relics for Kontakt with Intro Offer

Soundiron has announced the release of Rust 4 - Relics, an extensive volume of metallic percussive and melodic instruments from their Rust series. This library is built for the full version...

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Soundiron Rust 4 - Relics

Rust 4 is the most extensive volume in our classic Rust series of metallic percussive and melodic instruments. For Relics, we explore the remnants of yesteryear at the East Contra Costa...

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NoiseAsh Audio releases Backs EQ Collection - 1950s Baxandall-inspired EQ plugins

NoiseAsh Audio has released Backs Pro Bundle as a bundle for macOS (Native Apple Silicon supported) and Windows in VST3, AU, and AAX plug-in formats. NoiseAsh Audio says:


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NoiseAsh Prestige Racks

Introducing the Prestige Racks! An unparalleled blend of timeless tones, powered with modern features. Prestige Racks offer you a very easy and fast workflow while authentically replicating...

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NoiseAsh Backs Pro Bundle

It's the combination of the 1950s classic Baxandall-inspired circuits that empowered millions of sound systems in the World, a powerful additional mid-band, and powerful vintage preamp...

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