Electronik Sound Lab PadScape Lite

PadScape Lite is a free virtual instrument available for both Windows and Mac, ideal for producers and musicians seeking inspiring pads for their music. This captivating plugin features...

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Electronik Sound Lab PadScape

PadScape is a virtual instrument available for both Windows and Mac, ideal for producers and musicians seeking inspiring pads for their music. This captivating plugin features 80 multi-sampled...

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Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) Synchron World Percussion

Synchron World Percussion offers percussion instruments from West Africa, the Middle East, and Brazil, but also invites music creators to delve deeper into each region's traditional rhythms...

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sonible pure:unmask

Intelligent sidechain profiles for well-defined sounds
pure:unmask makes short work of one of mixing's most vital components – finding space within one track for another – with minimal...

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Kong Audio KA mini Wind Instruments Bundle

This bundle contains 9 apps by Kong Audio. They are all popular Chinese wind instruments, including DiZi, BangDi, DongXiao, NanXiao, PaiXiao, SuoNa, HuLuSi, Sheng and Xun.

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Orchestral Tools Monolith by Richard Harvey

Power and majesty
Monolith puts an otherwise unattainable collection of rare and antique drums at your fingertips—a choir of 53 big drums, carefully tuned and voiced, playable as ensembles...

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SlapAsSound Smalltown Boy

Unique free VST.

Song specific instrument, inspired from legendary Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy, including all the sound elements for you to revive this iconic pop song inside...

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OxyDSP OxyMeteor

OxyMeteor - Spectral Phasing & Vocoding Plugin.

Expand your sound design with deep phasers, colourful sparkle, spectral degradation and high-quality vocoding. Control a...

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Vicious Antelope Max Synths - Polymax Presets

Max Synths - Presets For UAD Polymax

Max Synths soundbank contains 30 synth presets for UAD Polymax synthesizer. All of them are actually classic sounding polysynths like punchy...

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dBdone dBdone

***This is our newest Version*** -----------------------------------------------


All DAW projects managed in one beautiful place.

- Open projects...

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Waves Waves Stream

Waves Stream Remote audio collaboration in a single click: Share your DAW audio in real time

Share lossless audio from your DAW with your friends, co-creators, and clients—in...

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Solid State Logic (SSL) Module8

Module8 combines classic modulation effects with modern functionality. From the early stages of writing to finalising a mix, Module8 plug-in is designed to inspire artists and engineers...

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zazz Stereo Enhancer

StereoEnhancer VST plugin can be used to create pseudo stereo output from mono sources or to enhance width of stereo recordings.

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Real Grooves US LoFi Beats Premium WAV Pack

Introducing "Lo-Fi Beats" Vol. 1.

Delve into 25 royalty-free beats carefully crafted for hip-hop, downtown chill, lo-fi, and more. These beats aim to bring a fresh perspective,...

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EastWest Hollywood Strings 2

Hollywood Strings 2 provides all the essential articulations, including legato, detache, pizzicato, staccato, spiccato, marcato, col legno, and even rare textural styles like flautando,...

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Fracture Sounds Moonlight Celeste

Produced with both traditional and contemporary performance in mind, Moonlight Celeste has been captured in detail by the team at Fracture Sounds in the same concert hall Spotlight Piano,...

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Fracture Sounds Blueprint - Textural Violin

The fifth instalment of our Blueprint series showcases the early experiments performed by composer and violinist Alexander Parsons ahead of the recording sessions for our collaborative...

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AudioThing Dub Filter

Dub Filter is a filter plugin modeled after King Tubby's iconic Big Knob, a passive high-pass filter with eleven frequency steps from 70Hz to 7.5KHz. This filter defined the sound of the...

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Samplicity Number Seven

Number Seven gives you the most accurately captured presets of the Bricasti M7 hardware reverb.

Apply the prestigious Bricasti reverb sound to your mixes, with full control...

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Acustica Audio Cardinal

Cardinal is the latest Acustica plugin suite, available in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats. At the core of this suite lies an ultra rare '70s custom-built console, one of only a handful...

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