OCTO8R Sharp Fangs

40 presets pack Sharp Fangs for LION by Unfiltered Audio.

Harness the sonic beast LION and enjoy the grip of its fangs! GROWL.

Pack includes:
Bass 10. Lead...

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New Loops Euphoria - Dune 3 Presets (Dune Trance Presets)

Euphoria - Dune 3 Presets (Dune Trance Presets)
New Loops presents Euphoria - Dune 3 Presets. An amazing new pack of 80 trance and EDM presets for Synapse Audio's Dune 3. Elevate your tracks...

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Vicious Antelope Meadow Walk Vol.2 - Pigments Presets

Meadow Walk Vol.2 - Pigments Soundlibrary

Meadow Walk Vol.2 soundbank for Pigments and Analog Lab V synths contains 41 synth key presets with dreamy sonic elements. They fit...

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zazz Biquad Filter

Biquad Filter:
Low pass. Hight pass. Band pass (2 types). Notch. Peak. Low shelf. High shelf.

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Nightfox Audio Retro Synthstack

Retro Synthstack is the combination of 13 different analog synth oscillators. We sampled the ever classic Juno-60, the undeniable deep tones of Moog, and the sharp and incisive waves of...

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Nightfox Audio Everything Acoustic

Everything Acoustic is a stack of 11 unique acoustic instruments, recorded meticulously over the entire fretboard. Acoustic guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Fingerpicked Acoustic,...

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organic instruments Melbourne


Tactile concrete, verdant foliage & inquisitive fauna.

An Urban Metropolis

Doctored downtown samples, derived from a celebrated Australian...

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SlapAsSound Sweet Dreams VST

"Sweet Dreams" is song specific VST instrument, inspired from Eurythmics hit song "Sweet Dreams", including all the sound elements for you to revive this iconic pop song inside your DAW....

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WAVDSP WD Enhancer

WD Enhancer The plugin's standout feature is its Colour selection, offering three distinct tones to enhance your audio. The Blue setting delivers a smooth and airy high-end, perfect for...

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Vain Audio Fumigate

"Fumigate", a multi band stereoizing plugin. Using both the chorus and stereo spreading modules to widen each frequency band like never before.

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Vain Audio Coercion

Introducing "Coercion", a dynamic waveshaper designed to explore the uncharted territories of sonic manipulation. With a selection of 10 distinct modules, you have the flexibility to craft...

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ModeAudio Spring: New Age Ambient Loops

Spring - New Age Ambient Loops from ModeAudio drifts gently into your studio like the soft breeze of an April's day spent in the woodlands. Immerse yourself in the deeply calming and restorative...

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CARP Audio Krossbow

Krossbow - Dynamics Processor
A new kind of Dynamics Processor using our new special technique. Sculpt and Enhance the Attack, Punch and Impact of your Audio without leaving unwanted artifacts,...

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CARP Audio Parallel Character Bundle

Introducing the Parallel Character Bundle: Resonote and Octapus!
This bundle contains Resonote and Octapus, two plugins designed to add depth, tonal character, and sheer massiveness to...

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Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Freeceiver

Blue Cat's Freeceiver is a free plug-in and application that can receive audio or MIDI streams sent over the network by Blue Cat's Connector and Fader Hub in real time.


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Samplesonics Reso Piano

Reso piano combines a regular prepared piano and a granulator that will sustain forever so long as a key is held down. The sample pack includes 2 RR groups and multiple velocity layers...

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XILS-lab Les Diffuseurs

2 Legendary speakers, La palme and Le Metallique

Les Diffuseurs (La Palme and Le Metallique bundle) are inspired by famous and highly unique speakers (called "diffuseurs") that...

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Hex Loops Serum 808 Presets

The Hex Loops Serum 808 Pack is a specialized collection of presets designed for the Serum synthesizer. It focuses on the iconic 808 bass sound, which is pivotal in genres like Hip-Hop,...

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AKAI Ring The Alarm

Originating in the vibrant dance halls of Jamaica, the iconic Dub Siren - a creation born from a simple oscillator - has been the heartbeat of ska, dub, and reggae music.


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Miga Games Taiko 5

Taiko 5 is the first music sequencer designed for use with a game controller. It has built-in sounds, kits, effects, a pattern recorder, seamless song and pattern switching, randomizing,...

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