Roland SRX Strings

A Premier European Orchestra at Your Fingertips.

The fourth installment in the legacy SRX wave expansion board series gave users access to the world's most expressive stereo-sampled...

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THE_COMPRESSOR Pro-level compression, made effortless

Re-think Compression

Recently, I realized I should make a tutorial about compression because, to be honest,...

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Analog Obsession LOVEND

LOVEND is a Harmonic - Bass Enhancer.

Continuous frequencies and continuous boost.

Great for materials for weak low-end.

You will get low bump directly...

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Analog Obsession SPECOMP

SPECOMP is a Spectral Analog Compressor plugin.

SPECOMP will compress overall signal and naive frequencies up to its magical circuit and tame whole range of sound.


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Analog Obsession Fiver

Versatile five bands equalizer with low and high shelf filters and three bands with continuously variable bandwidth.

It will give you full control over any source with its own...

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Resonance-Sound Ambient House Presets for Pigments

Expand your sound palette with the all-new 64 ambient house presets by Resonance Sound for Arturia's powerhouse of a synthesizer: Pigments. An impulsive fusion of dusty analog bass sounds...

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Slate Digital Submerge

Submerge is an advanced automatic sidechain plugin that is designed to create unique and exciting ducking and pumping effects. Traditionally achieved by compressing one sound using another...

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Cherry Audio Wurlybird 140B Electric Piano

A Truly Dynamic Vibe

Wurlybird 140B is Cherry Audio's first sample-based electro-acoustic virtual instrument, modeled after the 1964 Wurlitzer 140B, considered by many to be...

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Analog Obsession FetDrive

FetDrive - Classic FET Compressor's Saturation.

DRIVE: It will rise your input level (with gain compensation) and will saturate your signal. Input range is...

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Wings Music Fire

Fire is a multi-band distortion plugin. It has a top panel, a spectrogram, four graph visualizers, band effect, and global effect.


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Two Notes Audio Engineering Genome

Genome is the carrier class software ecosystem engineered to deliver the pinnacle in end-to-end tone shaping. Fusing an ever-growing roster of amplifiers, pedals, class-leading virtual...

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Larry Taylor SynthHost

SynthHost is an application that can host multiple V2 Audio Unit soft synths. This is useful for playing soft synths that do not provide a standalone program, without starting up a DAW...

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Korg Triton Extreme

The TRITON Extreme is the most powerful model in the series, featuring the first-ever "Valve Force" vacuum tubes in a music workstation, and most of the new PCM and EXB-PCM series waveforms....

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Cradle State Machine BitFlip

State Machine BitFlip is a completely free instrument from Cradle featuring authentic sounds from retro game systems and vintage computers.

It includes 40 presets of inspiring...

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Robbert van der Helm Soft Vacuum

This is a straightforward port of Airwindows' Hard Vacuum plugin with parameter smoothing and up to 16x linear-phase oversampling, because I liked the distortion and just wished it had...

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Robbert van der Helm Puberty Simulator

This patent pending One Weird Plugin simulates the male voice change during puberty. If it was not already obvious from that sentence, this plugin is a joke, but it might actually be useful...

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Robbert van der Helm Buffr Glitch

Like the sound of a CD player skipping? Well, do I have the plugin for you. This plugin is essentially a MIDI triggered buffer repeat plugin. When you play a note, the plugin will sample...

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Robbert van der Helm Safety Limiter

This plugin is a simple tool to prevent ear damage. As soon as there is a peak above 0 dBFS or the specified threshold, the plugin will cut over to playing SOS in Morse code, gradually...

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Robbert van der Helm Loudness War Winner

This plugin does what it says on the tin. Have you ever wanted to show off your dominance by winning the loudness war? Neither have I. Dissatisfaction guaranteed.

Loudness War...

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Robbert van der Helm Crisp

This plugin adds a bright crispy top end to low bass sounds.

The effect was inspired by Polarity's Fake Distortion video:

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