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Sonic Ingredients...

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Full Bucket Music updates FB-7999 to v1.1.4 for Win & Mac (Free)

Full Bucket Music has released FB-7999 version 1.1.4 for Windows (VST2/VST3/CLAP) and Mac (VST2/VST3/AU/CLAP). The new version now adds DW-8000 tape dump import as a major feature.

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Aberrant DSP releases free plugin Lofi Oddity for macOS and Windows VST3, AU & AAX

Aberrant DSP has released Lofi Oddity, a free toolkit for sonic destruction and experimentation.

Incorporating effects from SketchCassette, Digitalis, and ShapeShifter, Lofi...

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Edmsoundware Ragnarok Classic Electronica Soundpack


Edmsoundware.com released 'Ragnarok Classic Electronica Soundpack' a freeware soundpack for the Ragnarok created by Full Bucket Music,...

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LVC-Audio Phat Sriracha

Phat Sriracha splits the signal using a one-pole (6 dB per octave) crossover. The input is split into 3 channels, and gain and stereo width is applied based on the Phat and Spice controls....

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LVC-Audio Phat Mayo

Phat Mayo uses dynamic EQ centered on bass and treble frequencies. Both Phat and Tang controls have positive and negative values, so you can boost or cut bass and treble. In addition, the...

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LVC-Audio Phat Mustard

Phat Mustard features mid/side EQ of high (Spice) and low (Phat) frequencies. After EQing, the signal is split using a crossover, and multiband digital compression and saturation is applied...

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LVC-Audio Phat Ketchup

The main controls of Phat Ketchup interact with a 4-band EQ that attempts to add bass without adding mud (Phat) and adding high frequency sparkle (Sweet). Phat Ketchup includes mild stereo...

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Aberrant DSP Lofi Oddity

Lofi Oddity is a free toolkit for sonic destruction and experimentation. Incorporating effects from SketchCassette, Digitalis, ShapeShifter, and ????, Lofi Oddity is an immediate and easy-to-use...

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Barcode Industries releases Logic Pro Arp Expansion - Free until November 30th

Barcode Industries has released Logic Pro Arp Expansion, a free collection of 80 patterns and over 1100 presets for the Arpeggiator plugin in Logic Pro.

Here's what they say:...

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Ueberschall releases Film Score and Metal Bundles

Ueberschall have announced two new bundles for their Elastik Player, available immediately.

The Metal Bundle features 30 GB of heavily distorted guitar riffs,...

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Vengeance Sound releases VPS Avenger 2

Vengeance Sound have announced the release of Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger 2.0, bringing an extensive new feature set to their flagship synthesizer.

They say:


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Andi Vax FabFilter PRO-R 2 Essential Presets

121 presets with proper naming and categorizaztion for Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Synths and FX. Suitable for any genre! From Rock and Metal to Pop, EDM and Trap:
Chamber. FX. Hall....

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MeldaProduction plugins updated to v16.10

MeldaProduction has announced the release of v16.10 of all plugins saying:

We are here with another update. There are many internal fixes and improvements in version 16.10,...

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INCIRIOS Light & Sound Concert Grand

Explore the Steinway C Concert Grand, a digital piano sample that captures the sound of its traditional counterpart. This sample offers a detailed and authentic listening experience, reflecting...

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INCIRIOS Light & Sound Chamber Strings

Discover the updated Legacy Chamber Strings library, now available on the INCIRIOS platform. This library offers a clear and detailed sound, faithfully capturing the essence of the original...

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ZenDAW Elysea - Decent Sampler

Intro-Offer: $20 (List Price: $29).

Organic and intrigate soundscapes bursting with inspiration.

With its 30 presets that blend three layers of multi-sampled sounds,...

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Barcode Industries Logic Pro Arp Expansion

Featuring over 75 versatile patterns, this expansion pack takes the already incredible Logic Pro Arpeggiator to new heights.

While often thought of as a tool exclusively for...

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Florian Mrugalla Manta

Inspired by this video by Dan Worrall: https://youtu.be/4hGBYs10ZAU

TLDW: Dan Worrall uses parallel bandpass filters to fatten up drums.

Since that involves quite...

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IK releases Gran Concerto 278 for Pianoverse

IK Multimedia has announced the release of Gran Concerto 278, the latest addition to IK's Pianoverse virtual instrument. For subscribers, Gran Concerto 278 is included with the Pianoverse...

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