Boz Digital Labs Width Knob

Designed for stereo, group, aux, or bus channels, Width makes true stereo panning and stereo flip a breeze via a single control knob. Plus, you can automate Width Knob to create mix contrast...

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Bogren Digital Bassknob STD

Bassknob STD gives you the best bass sound you've ever heard with the turn of a knob. Add full-bodied bass to your next recording, capture a quick idea in pristine quality, or just enjoy...

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Wesley Henriques Scandalli Super VI

The Accordion elected as one of the best in the world, now available to you!

We proudly present the new Scandalli Super VI (Conservatory Edition), an ultra-realistic plugin...

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Bogren Digital Bassknob Trivium

Trivium Bass

Paolo Gregoletto prefers a bright bass tone that lets string noise and snarl poke through the wall of guitars while still delivering an uncompromisingly solid low-frequency...

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Bogren Digital Ampknob Trivium Lead

Ampknob Trivium Lead

Built from the ground up for blistering leads and soaring melody parts, the Trivium Ampknob Lead delivers a tonal character that makes your guitar solos...

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Bogren Digital Ampknob Trivium Rhythm

Ampknob Trivium Rhythm

This rhythm guitar monster offers a broad range of terrific tones and yet maintains a straightforward interface. The amp has been crafted with Matt and...

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Bogren Digital Trivium Ampknob Bundle

The Trivium Ampknob Bundle includes three amp sim plugins, each covering its own specific ground — rhythm, lead, and bass guitars. The plugins were developed by producer Jens Bogren in...

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Bogren Digital AmpKnob RevC

A one-knob revolution for album-ready heavy guitars.

What if we told you that you only need one single knob to get a great heavy guitar tone? And what if we told you that you...

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Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH Bundle

AmpKnob BDH bundle Legends of high-gain

AmpKnob BDH 5169

The one that started it all. Based on the original "block letter" amp head from 1992. Its aggressive and...

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Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH III


The modern take. With a full and rich sound, the dense distortion works exceptionally well for modern riffs, as well as creamy leads. The original unit is from...

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Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH 66o6+

AmpKnob BDH 66o6+

Devilishly heavy 'Sixty-Six-Oh-Six' is based on a hot-rodded and modified "plus" version, which was originally a later generation of the amp from around 2000....

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OCTO8R Beast

59 (+39) presets of the Beast grip for Knifonium.

Pack includes:

Arp - 10 (+08 Bonused) Bass - 15 (+07 Bonused) FX - 07 (+02 Bonused) Keys - 05 (+02 Bonused) Kicks...

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Nembrini Audio NA Divided 11 Class A Boutique Guitar Amplifier

"A Class A boutique amplifier plugin with crisp, clear tone"

Nembrini Audio Divided 11 Class A Boutique Guitar Amplifier plugin is based on a Divided By 13 CJ11*.


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zazz Vocal Compressor

DSP is leveled for input loudness arround -23LUFS.

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Vicious Antelope Majestics - TheLegendHZ Presets

Majestics - TheLegendHZ Presets

Majestics contains 50 epic cinematic pads for Synapse Audio TheLegendHZ synth. Darkness, vastness, magnificence are some of the words that fit...

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audiosingularity Neurontube Tangie

unforgettable gear in a plugin
In crafting this plugin, we meticulously curated a selection of gear known for their exceptional synergy. The result? A plugin that embodies the full spectrum...

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Afroplug Amavibe Lite

Introducing Amavibe – the inaugural plugin of our upcoming Afrofusion Series, set to redefine Amapiano music production.

Amavibe offers over various sounds, crafted to perfection...

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Touch The Universe Productions Galactic Resonance for Icarus 3

Embark on a journey through the cosmos of sound with Galactic Resonance, a breathtaking soundset for the Tone 2 Icarus 3. This expertly crafted...

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Vicious Antelope VHS Times Vol.1 - Omnisphere 2 Patches

VHS Times Vol.1 - Omnisphere 2 Patches

VHS Times Vol.1 contains 50 Omnisphere 2 patches inspired by cinematic music of the eighties, and more specific from this time's sound...

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Soundiron Hopkin Instrumentarium: Alt Alt

Alt Alt is a board zither with 16 strings, 12 of them tuned to the same pitch and 4 tuned to the octave above. The strings are positioned very close together so they aren't picked separately;...

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