Wusik announced that a new version of Wusik EVE is to be released later this year. Also, they are working on a new plugin host with MIDI processing features called Wusik P2000.

New in Wusik EVE V5:

  • New modern code using the same engine as Wusik Station and Wusik 8008.
  • Native 64-bit support (plus 32-bit version for older machines).
  • Support for more audio sound formats.
  • New file browser, just like on the other products.
  • More filter types.
  • More effects.
  • Microtuning support.
  • Other extra features yet to be defined.

Wusik P2000 runs as a stand-alone application or VST/AU plugin and allows you to do several MIDI tasks such as Key Switching and Crossfading between plugins and many other features.

This project is based on Wusik SQ200 code, making it easier to use the Track's MIDI Processors for those who don't want to bother about the sequencer.

The idea is simple, to have a Plugin in VST/AU format, Windows/OSX, 32/64-bits, that allows you to host other plugins in the same formats (even mixing formats - plus, there will be a Stand-Alone/App/Executable version just like Wusik SQ200). This way you can chain multiple plugins and have each plugin process all input notes (MIDI Information) using the following MIDI Processors (the ones that are already there in Wusik SQ200):

  • Key and Velocity Zone Split - so you can assign different sections of your MIDI Keyboard for each instrument.
  • Key Switching - allows you to switch from one instrument to another one using a set of keys you define. It can also work in Hold mode, so it will switch to that instrument as long as you keep holding the note.
  • Round Robin - you set multiple instruments and each note will go to a different one, in a circular way.
  • Transpose - pitch up or down all input notes, single notes or whole octaves.
  • Sticky Keys - will hold keys and works in two ways: holds all keys until you press a defined key; holds keys until you press those again to release.
  • Chords & Strum - record chords to be played with single keys. Optional strumming velocity and progression. Plus, looping of chords when using the strum option.
  • Crossfader - allows you to crossfade from one track to another, with support to up to 99 tracks sequentially.
  • Note Delay - adds a delay to all notes, with the option to transpose the delayed note and echo the original note. Plus, feedback on the delay, creating sequential delays.
  • New Wavesequencer - allows you to create complex sequences using multiple instruments. This is still under constructions for Wusik SQ200, and will also be available for Wusik P2000.
  • New ARP - based on the Wusik Station V9 ARP.

The process of using Wusik P2000 will be easier compared to Wusik SQ200, but you will still need to scan your plugins before using it. Once you have done that, you just add a plugin and select which MIDI Processors you want to use. All that is saved by your Host of choice....

SKnote releases PB3 Vintage Studio Stereo Phaser SKnote has released P83, a new stereo phaser plugin for macOS and Windows modeled after a vintage audio device, a two-channels rack unit, a "reference" phaser with silky smooth sweeps and a classic phasing tone.

The original audio device's optocouplers (Vactrols), with their relatively slow but musical response, are the core of the phase control networks and the main reason for its exceptional sound. These units sound great even at low Feedback settings and high LFO frequency.

P83 is capable of stereo widening to subtle enhancement to creative effects - simple but extremely powerful (and fun), says SKnote.

Introductory price: 29.99$ (includes all formats - VST, AU & AAX).


Abletunes updates EQ Wise+ to v1.1 for Mac Win

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Check Out the Dove Audio Check Out the Dove Audio

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New MWTM video with Tom Elmhirst Mixing Adele at Electric Lady Studios New MWTM video with Tom Elmhirst Mixing Adele at Electric Lady Studios

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Black Octopus Sound releases WB x MB Riddim Dubstep Devastation for Xfer Serum

Black Octopus Sound has announced the release of WB x MB Riddim & Dubstep Devastation for Xfer Serum.

Here's what they say:

Producers WB x MB have put together a pack of 107 Xfer Serum presets and 1GB of sample content designed for Riddim & Dubstep music. The sounds are inspired by artists such as WB x MB, Skrillex, 12th Planet, Kill the Noise, Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Getter, 50 Carrot, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Badklaat, PhaseOne, Trollphace, Monxx, Phiso, Subfiltronik, Requake, P0gman, INFEKT.


107 Serum Presets:

  • 79 Bass.
  • 14 Lead.
  • 11 Pads.
  • 2 Riser FX.
  • 1 SFX.
  • plus 12 Wavetables.


  • 50 Bass Loops.
  • 79 Bass One Shots.
  • 60 Drum Loops.
  • 81 Drum One Shots (Kick, Snare, Clap, Crash, Hats, Ride, Toms).
  • 25 Drum Fills.
  • 40 Build Up Drums.
  • 33 Foley.
  • 51 FX (Up, Down, Impacts, White Noise).
  • 116 Music Loops (Arp, Melody, War Horns, Pads).

All samples and loops are 24-bit /44.1 and Key- and Tempo-labelled.

Price: $44.95....