Uwyn ShowMIDI

ShowMIDI is a multi-platform GUI application to effortlessly visualize MIDI activity.


This application fills a void in the available MIDI monitoring solutions....

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Sound Dust DUST ENGINE #2

DUST ENGINE #2 is a uniquely quirky combination of odd chaotic synths and sparkling acoustic haze sampled from the ultra rare Hammond 102200 synth, dSI Evolver, 2 different looped pianos,...

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JDI strategics Serum 458 - Xfer Serum Skin

Introducing the Xfer Serum skin "Serum 458". A skin inspired by an iconic Italian car. This wild and colorful Xfer Serum skin was designed to inspire. Down to the details, created with...

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Techivation releases M-Blender: Spectral SideChain Shaper

Techivation has introduces the M-Blender, a Spectral Sidechain Shaper plugin designed to resolve frequency masking issues in audio mixing by creating extra space between sounds.

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Techivation M-Blender

M-Blender creates space in a mix by cleaning up clashing frequencies between instruments. It uses true spectral processing to dynamically carve space for the side-chain signal and prevent...

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2Rule updates TugSpect to v1.0.3

2Rule has announced that version 1.0.3 of the free TugSpect is now available for macOS and Windows.

Changes include:
Image Rescaling in Both Dimensions. Freeform and...

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Goodhertz releases Loudness v3.9.4 (RC2) - Free Plugin for Mac and Windows

Goodhertz, Inc. has put out the 2nd "release candidate" for Loudness, their new, free volume fader and metering tool. More information and download links can be found on the Loudness page....

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W. A. Production releases "Loop Engine 2" MIDI plugin (60% off)

W. A. Production has released Loop Engine 2, the successor in their lineup of multi-voice loop tools. They say:

Loop Engine 2 continues the evolution of MIDI generation, building...

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W. A. Production Loop Engine 2

The Future of MIDI Generation

W. A. Production and Liminal Sphere proudly unveils LOOP ENGINE 2, the trailblazing successor in our lineup of multi-voice loop tools, now even...

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Rhodes V-Rack

V-Rack houses seven distinctive effects modules, faithfully capturing the sonic essence of the analogue effects section found in Rhodes' acclaimed MK8 piano, making them readily available...

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killihu killihu Theme for Ableton Live 11

Dark theme for Ableton Live 11. Includes KM version with modified knobs.

More info at:


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Virtuscape Audio Rhodecase88

Introducing Rhodecase88—the world's first dedicated Rhodes instrument with Uni-Vibe style vibrato, a synth layer, and reverb freeze mode combined.

No manuals...No copy protection...No...

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Rob Papen releases eXplorer-9, Go2-X and Albino-3 Legend

Rob Papen has announced the release of eXplorer-9, Go2-X, and Albino-3 Legend.
eXplorer-9 (€449 | $499)
This bundle contains 30 plugins, including the option to add 9 legacy...

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Rast Sound World Odyssey Collection

Welcome to 'World Odyssey' – your passport to the world's most enchanting sounds. Our carefully curated collection brings together all our 42 world libraries from 6 continents, offering...

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Sound Magic updates Neo Orchestra CE (v1.4), Headphone Mix (v4.5) and Neo EQ Violet (v1.1)

Sound Magic has updated its Neo Orchestra CE to Version 1.4.

Changes in v1.4:
Now includes Full Version of Cinema Grand while maintaining the same price. Some minor changes....

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Rast Sound releases 'World Odyssey' collection with a black week intro offer

Rast Sound has released World Odyssey, a collection which brings together all 42 world libraries from 6 continents. The collection includes world vocals, world rhythms, master solo series,...

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Rob Papen Go2-X

In the Rob Papen world of synthesis, there was one type of synthesizer missing... A synthesizer that has all of its controls and features available visually all at once. So, the original...

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Libre Wave Bell & Bone

Bell and Bone is a jazz age trumpet and trombone sample library. Each instrument also includes 3 mutes (bucket, cup, and harmon) and a selection of idiomatic articulations include doits,...

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New Nation Audio Tetrad Blended Rompler Series

Merge The Worlds Of Analog, Digital & Live Sounds

Fuse the warmth and character of analog gear, the versatility of digital synthesis, and the organic essence of live recordings....

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New Nation Audio Obscura - Tortured Orchestral Box

Obscura, a unique instrument, is not just a tool for music creation; it's a portal to a world where mysterious wooden boxes held secrets and enchantment. Within its heart, you'll discover...

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