Altar of Wisdom The GridFather

The GridFather brings the AutoGrid-MIDI concept to non-Live users, as it is a regular plugin (AU/VST/VST3 for Windows and macOS).

The GridFather is a MIDI FX / Synth plugin...

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KV331 Audio SynthMaster 3

SynthMaster 3 is KV331 Audio's flagship 'all-around' software synthesizer plug-in that features many different synthesis methods including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Phase Modulation, Phase...

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aixdsp Iconic Reverb

For the longest time, it was difficult to adjust and customize how you wanted your reverb to sound. To have any chance at all, you needed to find a convolution reverb that was close to...

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OCTO8R Hot Ice Beats

A really good way to add a touch of absolute madness into your Melodies or Drum Loops with 50 presets for Stutter Edit 2 by iZotope.

Install: 1. Open the Bank Manager 2. Click...

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SampleScience Ethereal Echoes

Explore a universe of sound with our virtual instrument, featuring 60 atmospheric ambient pads.

Shape your sound...

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SlapAsSound Can't Help Falling In Love

Brand New free song specific VST instrument, inspired from the UB40 hit song "Cant Help Falling In Love", including all the sound elements for you to revive this iconic pop song inside...

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Real Grooves US Late Nite Jazz

Elevate your music, film, and television projects with these versatile and evocative soundscapes.

Indulge in the late-night allure of jazz with our collection of 10 meticulously...

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SlapAsSound Rent | VST

If song specific VST concept is new to you, please feel free to download my free VST here: ------------------------------------------------------------...

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Real Grooves US Stop That Messing Around

Elevate your projects with the vibrant energy of ska and early reggae!

Dive into the infectious rhythms of ska and early reggae with our collection of 5 royalty-free, original...

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W. A. Production Deres

Advanced Audio Clarity

Whether it's stacking synths or building bass lines, layering multiple instruments always creates a huge sonic impact. It's all about that magical combination...

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Taketomi Origami

A new way to twist and fold your samples.

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Vicious Antelope Nighttime Ride - Synthwave Serum Presets

Nighttime Ride - Synthwave Serum Presets

Nighttime Ride is a complete synthwave and vaporwave suite with 218 presets for Xfer Serum. The sound design of the patches has been...

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The Crow Hill Company The Vertical Piano

The Vertical Piano is an instrument with the most incredible back-story harnessed into a creative environment designed to give you your new favourite story telling device.


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YB Synth Pro Soul

Pro Soul is a virtual reproduction of the Arp Pro Soloist vintage synthesizer.

With Pro Soul you you can relive the emotions of faithfully reproducing the solos of your favorite...

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Zynaptiq Morph 3 Pro

Real-Time Audio Morphing & Style Transfer

MORPH 3 is a real-time plug-in for audio morphing, the sonic equivalent of one object slowly changing its shape to become a different...

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Wrongtools Bone Chain

BONE CHAIN offers a diverse and expressive range of brass sounds, perfect for contemporary production and composition, combining powerful synth engines for a bold sound.


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Sixth Sample Spoton

The wallet-friendly way to tune your vocals. Spoton is a free automatic pitch correction plugin with a clean sound and low latency. An octave of keys to select your scale, two knobs to...

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Touch The Universe Productions Heavenly Pads for Rapid

Greetings wonderful people, It's my great honor to present to you guys, Heavenly Pads for the Rapid synthesizer! As always, I've truly had a blast working with this amazingly powerful and...

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Plogue chipsynth C64

The new reference for SID emulation.

FASTLOAD chipsynth C64 into your music software and RUN the biggest, baddest sound of the 8-bit generation.

Put a tantalizing...

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SlapAsSound Every Breath You Take | VST

It's Marko, from SlapAsSound, from tiny Estonia here :)

Introducing my new FREE song specific VST instrument, inspired from The Police hit song "Every Breath You Take", including...

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