Ueberschall releases Pedal Steel (Elastik soundbank) Ueberschall has released Pedal Steel, a new soundbank for their free Elastik Player plug-in.

Here's what they say:

There are few sounds that are as instantly recognizable as the Pedal Steel guitar. This library, which forms part of Ueberschall's Elastik Instrument Series, offers a versatile collection of beautiful musical phrases. The complexities of the instrument mean that it is very difficult to recreate as a virtual instrument. However, with this extensive collection of performance-based loops, it is easy to add realistic Pedal Steel performances to your own music productions.

Beautiful Performance Phrases Full Of Character

The library contains 2.8 GB of sample data and 568 loops and phrases. These are split into two groups with 284 unique loops presented both dry (without effects) and processed (mainly with reverb added). This gives the user either instant 'ready to use' versions or full control by adding their own processing choices.

The phrases are organized by tempo, with original recording tempos ranging from 70 to 120 BPM. They are also recorded in different keys. With Elastik's powerful tempo-matching and pitch manipulation tools, it is simple to mix and match phrases between the different categories to build your unique performance.

Great For Country But Equally Great For Other Music Genres

Pedal Steel is suitable for country music producers and makes an ideal complement to Ueberschall's Country Loops library and soundtrack composers will find the library suitable for creating convincing country style cues. Pedal Steel is not just about traditional country music though. The instrument regularly finds its way into blues (try it with our Blues Colors library), Bluegrass and American Folk.

Elastik Features

Ueberschall's Elastik Loop Player allows easy matching of loops in tempo, scale, key and pitch to your own song projects. The intuitive browser manages not only the loops of Pedal Steel but all Elastik libraries for immediate access to all samples. Functions such as resample, formant and reverse as well as an effective sequence mode allow creative sound design on the fly.


  • Credits: Pedal Steel Guitar played by Karsten Brudy.
  • 2.8 GB, 568 Loops & Phrases.
  • Instrument: Pedal Steel Guitar Guitar.
  • Elastik Soundbank for Mac/Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone.
  • Elastik Player included - no sampler required.

Price: 49,- Euro....

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MAGIX has announced the release of a new version of Music Maker. 23 years after the program was first released, Music Maker is now equipped with a brand new technology system. The high-performance 64-bit Hybrid Audio Engine from Samplitude has been ported into the program, enabling music lovers everywhere to produce audio in authentic studio quality – right from the start.

Better sound, improved performance

The additional performance boost to Music Maker comes in the form of new multicore support. All CPU cores in a computer can be optimally used, meaning that significantly more instruments and effects can be used simultaneously.

Additionally, a wide range of new plug-ins are also available. The new essentialFX Plug-in Suite offers users a high-quality selection of audio tools for a wide range of tasks. Reverb plug-in VariVerb II and mastering wizard Ozone 8 Elements by iZotope are essentials for any studio setup – and now included in the Premium Edition of Music Maker.

Even more loops and effects

18 brand new Soundpools are also included within the bundle. Users can choose from over 270 Soundpools – from EDM, rock and hip-hop to trap and pop – and combine them with over 60 instruments and effects in Music Maker.

"Since its release in March 2017, the free version of Music Maker has been used by over 2 million new beat producers. We're now bringing loop-based production to a whole new level of performance. And the results can be clearly heard. There's a huge improvement to overall sound and performance, all thanks to the new audio engine. Now, anyone can create their own songs in high quality and in no time at all, even if they don't have any previous experience." – Matthias Trautwein, Product Owner for Music Maker.

Highlights of the Music Maker family at a glance:

  • Professional audio engine for true studio sound.
  • Multicore support for improved performance.
  • Over 330 Soundpools, effects & instruments.
  • New plug-ins: Analog Modelling Suite, Vintage Effects Suite, VariVerb II and Ozone 8 Elements by iZotope.
  • Free updates for as long as MAGIX continue to develop Music Maker.

The latest Music Maker Plus Edition and Music Maker Premium Edition contain all the basic program functions as well as large content packages allowing users to freely choose and combine their content. At the outset, Music Maker Premium Edition provides access to 3 Soundpools, 1 Soundpool Collection, 8 instruments, 9 feature packs and 3 preset packs worth up to € 699. Users can also purchase additional content via the in-app Music Maker Store.

Prices and availability:

  • Music Maker – free download.
  • Music Maker Plus Edition – $69.00.
  • Music Maker Premium Edition – $139.00....
Babylonwaves updates Art Conductor to 3.5 - 100 sample libraries now supported - 15% Off Offer

Babylonwaves has updated Art Conductor to 3.5 which now supports 100 sample libraries.

Art Conductor is a collection of more than 1500 Cubase Expression Maps and Logic Articulation Sets. All the articulations in the templates are alphabetically ordered and Babylonwaves use a universal key switch system so every supported sample library feels the same.

Version 3.5 supports 100 sample libraries and is available as a free update for existing users immediately.

The newly supported libraries:

  • 8dio Agitato Legato Arpeggio, Century Ostinato, Dominus, Insolidus.
  • Cinesamples CineStrings Core, CineStrings Solo, CineWinds Bundle, CineBrass 12 Horns, CineBrass Bundle.
  • Cinematic Studio Strings Solo.
  • Chris Hein Horns 1-4, Winds 1-4, Solo Strings.
  • Impact Soundworks Bravura Scoring Brass.
  • NI Symphony Series String Ensemble, Woodwind Ensembles, Woodwind Solo.
  • Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 3.
  • Spitfire Orchestral Swarm.

In order to celebrate the new release, get 15% off the normal price by using this special KVR discount code: discount15kvr48h...

Yamaha Corporation has released Vocaloid 5, a comprehensive solution for virtual vocal production for macOS and Windows. This new software can be downloaded, beginning today, from the official Vocaloid Shop.

"Vocaloid 5 adds virtual vocalists to your music production environment. They can sing your lyrics and melodies in your favorite voices and desired singing styles. Enjoy the experience of being able to edit singing voices however you like" says Yoichiro Saito, General Manager, DMI Division of Yamaha Corporation.

The Vocaloid singing synthesizer makes it possible to easily produce any kind of singing voice you can imagine using just a computer.

For this product, the first new version of the Vocaloid software range released in 4 years, production flow has been drastically overhauled in line with the aim of having today's diverse music producers incorporate a wider line-up of virtual singers into their music. This new software helps increases speed and efficiency when producing singing voices.

The all new production flow makes it possible to create singing voices as simply as dragging and dropping from a choice of over 2,000 audio and phrase presets. Adjusting singing styles and vocal expressions such as vibrato are also simple to master – just select the icons. It's possible to create lyrics and melodies from scratch too. With a total of 3 new parameters to control vocal expressions added (making a total of 13), in addition to the standard dynamic and pitch parameters, Vocaloid5 offers finer control of vocal tone, amount of breath, and more. The software also comes pre-loaded with 11 powerful audio effects for vocal tracks.

Vocaloid5 VoicebanksTo help support artistic expression that suits a wide variety of genres, Vocaloid5 includes 4 voicebanks, both male and female and in both Japanese and English:

  1. Amy: Expressive English-language female voicebank, ideal for contemporary singing. The versatile voice boasts natural pronunciation and varied vocal tones, suited to genres from R&B to pop music.
  2. Chris: Authentic R&B English-language male voicebank. Capable of singing over a wide range from delicate, soft bass to powerful, sustained high tones.
  3. Kaori: Japanese-language female voicebank with a soulful vocal quality. Long vocal sustains make it perfect for powerful singing.
  4. Ken: Sharp, clear Japanese-language male voicebank, with a light vocal quality ideal for singing J-pop.

The voice databases are generated based on human voices. 8 voicebanks are included in the Premium version with the addition of:

  • VY1 Japanese-language female voicebank.
  • VY2 Japanese male voicebank.
  • CYBER SongMAN II English-language male voicebank.
  • CYBER DIVA II English female voicebank.

Moreover, to accommodate the diverse workstations of contemporary music producers, Vocaloid5 supports both Windows and Mac operating environments. The ability to coordinate with other music software, plug-ins, and input devices has also been significantly strengthened by allowing VST (Virtual Studio Technology), AU (Audio Units), and external MIDI input capability.

Features & Functions Overview:

  • Drag-and-drop song creation: Over 2,000 preset phrases & audio.
  • Allows for realistic vocal expression: Attack & release effects, emotion tools.
  • Instant conversion of your desired styles & voices: Style function.
  • Fine control of vocal tension and amount of breath: 3 new vocal expression parameters.
  • Includes a wealth of voices for every genre: 4 voicebanks (male & female, Japanese & English).
  • Create complete vocal tracks with a single application: 11 kinds of audio effects.
  • Better external functionality, improved production efficiency: VST, AU, external MIDI input.
  • Power up your favorite voices with Vocaloid5: Compatible with Vocaloid3 & 4 voicebanks.
  • Includes support software for Cubase: The Vocaloid 4.5 Editor for Cubase, capable of importing Vocaloid features into Steinberg's Cubase DAW software, is included as a bonus extra.


  • Vocaloid5 Standard (Windows & Mac, 4 voicebanks, 25,000 yen).
  • Vocaloid5 Premium (Windows & Mac, 8 voicebanks, 40,000 yen).

Vocaloid5 Upgrade Editions are also available for those who have already purchased Vocaloid3 Editor (SE), Vocaloid4 Editor, Vocaloid Editor for Cubase (NEO), or Vocaloid4 Editor for Cubase:

  • Vocaloid5 Standard, Upgrade Edition 15,000 yen.
  • Vocaloid5 Premium, Upgrade Edition 24,000 yen.