YummyBeats releases the YummyBeats Collection 4 (special price until July 31st)YummyBeats has released theYummyBeats Collection 4. They say it is their most valuable product collection. New products will be added via affordable updates from time to time.

Whats New:

  • AmberWood Drums for Kontakt 5 (Ambient Wood Percussion).
  • WoodBox (sound extension for the AmberWood Drums).
  • Blog Platinum Plan - 2 years access to all downloads and KSP tutorials on their Blog (including the Massive Retro Lounge Series, Analogue Synth Presets for Massive).


Kontakt 5 Instruments:

  • AmberWood Drums (including WoodBox Sound Pack).
  • Massive Evolutions II (including Massive Side FX, Rotten Edge, Basic Sound Pack & Client).
  • Vintage Castanets.
  • Mystic Castanets.
  • Bluesy Guitar Loops.

Presets for NI - Massive:

  • Massive Retro Lounge 1 (Analogue Retro Synths)*via Blog Platinum Plan
  • Massive Retro Lounge 2 (Analogue Retro Synths)*via Blog Platinum Plan
  • Trap Pack (Leads, Pads, Stabs, Basses, Arpeggios, FX, Pads).
  • Rotten Edge (Dubstep Leads, Basses, Arpeggios, FX, Pads).
  • Massive Side FX (Leads Basses, FX, Pads.

WAV Sounds / One Shots:

  • Drums: Kicks, Snares, HiHats, BeatBox, Percussion, Crashes, Knocks, Crackles, Clicks.
  • Loops: Percussion & BeatBox.
  • FX: Transitions, Hits, Noises, FX- Drums, FX Voices.

Price: € 120 - There is a special summer deal of € 90 until July 31st.

Audio Demos

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