Sound Radix updates POWAIR Leveler/Compressor to v1.1Sounds Radix has released a major update to POWAIR, its compressor/loudness leveler plug-in for macOS and Windows.

The update includes a host of improvements, bug fixes, new features and a completely rewritten User Manual [PDF] by audio educator and frequent MIX Magazine contributor, Brandon Hickey.

New Features & Improvements:

  • Added peak clipping options.
  • Added user-definable meter peak hold.
  • Improved performance.
  • Added UI scaling (75% - 200%).
  • Limiting is now based on true-peak.
  • SCF - improved filter phase-response.
  • Pro Tools (AAX), Studio One 3.x (VST3) - support gain reduction meter.
  • Pro Tools (AAX) - support automation key modifiers.
  • Presets names are now being stored and recalled.
  • Bypass makes UI grayscale.
  • Minor UI tweaks and improvements.


  • A/B states were not properly stored and recalled.
  • Meters/Leveler did not clear state when playing after stopping.
  • VST denormalization-related performance issues.
  • Possible crash on Digital Performer (VST).
  • Input meter could show noise-floor instead of silence.
  • Various cosmetic UI inconsistencies.
  • SCF - possible crash when LF was set to highest frequency.
  • SCF - Solo didn't work when the compressor was off.
  • M/S mode was processed in Leveler stage.
  • Fixes & improvements to auto gain compensation and side-chain compression.
  • Switching between Mono/Stereo instance on Logic X could lead to a crash.
  • AAX with side-chain could produce silence when rendered offline. (Commit/Freeze/Bounce Offline).
  • VST3 might not work with Direct Offline Processing.
  • In some settings, dry signal could be not dry.
  • Possible crash when inputting out-of-range values.
  • Fixes & improvements to Windows installer.


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