SoundSpot releases Paradox EQ Compressor with Intro OfferSoundSpot releases Paradox EQ Compressor with Intro Offer

SoundSpot has released Paradox, a multi-fx plug-in that features an advanced push-pull equalizer and a variable RMS-time parallel compressor, both offering stereo, mid and side options. SoundSpot say its clever signal path has an extremely pronounced character and lets you bring out certain elements in your mixes with ease.


  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • Designed to work flawlessly with touch controllers such as the Raven by Slate Media.
  • Four powerful push-pull filters with intuitive and simplified controls, with stereo, mid and side mode.
  • Variable slope high pass and low pass filter with stereo, mid and side mode.
  • Variable RMS-time compressor for analog emulation.
  • High pass sidechain-filter for compressing tracks with loud kick and bass parts.
  • Mix control for creating parallel compression.
  • Preset manager to save & share your own effects.

Push & Pull Equalizer

The 'Equalizer' module on the Paradox is designed to make push-pull filtering easy. This powerful equalization technique, with its recognisable filter curves, can help you bring your mixes to life, by adding uncanny definition to drums, bass, guitar, synths and vocals. Besides the filter's 'Frequency' and 'Gain' controls, Paradox gives you three controls to dial in the push-pull shape in an easy and intuitive way. The 'Curve' control sets the width of the filter, the 'Balance' control sets the complementary filter boost, and the 'Twist' control biases the push-pull filter to the left or right. With the additional choose between stereo, mid and side mode per filter, the paradox 'Equalizer' provides you with an extremely musical workflow that delivers pronounced filtering effects in no time.


The 'Compressor' module on the Paradox uses SoundSpot's 'infinite' gain reduction setup, and lets you emulate the behaviour of analog compression with its continuous 'RMS-time' control. Together with its continuous 'mix' feature, the Paradox 'Compressor' module lets you apply smooth compression in a very flexible way, as well as different parallel compression styles like 'New York Compression'. In addition, the Compressor features a high pass sidechain-filter that allows you to ignore heavy kick and bass parts to achieve steady and predictable results even when compressing powerful electronic tracks.

Intro Price: £18 / €20 / $24 (Reg. £59 / €66 / $79) at and

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