zenAud.io updates ALK2 and Solo to v2.0.99

zenAud.io has released an update to its looper DAW, zenAud.io ALK2 and ALK2 Solo.

v2.0.99 has several bug-fixes and improvements, most notably an important overhaul of ALK's MIDI handling.

New Features:

  • Silence MIDI notes button (kills all MIDI and stops transport).
  • Retrigger overlapping notes MIDI loop menu option.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Numerous MIDI issues with stuck notes.
  • Numerous MIDI issues with dropped notes.
  • Numerous MIDI issues with sustained notes (when using sustain/sostenuto pedals).
  • Issue with automation position jumping to wrong point in song for time signatures other than 4/4.
  • Captured automation region set to revert to initial position value now loops from start of region (when automating position).
  • Rewind button key shortcut 'r' now working.
  • Adjusted loop key commands.
  • Various minor fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Some issues with importing audio.

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