Hidenori Matsuoka releases Chord NOTE v7.0 and updates Piano Kit to v4.1 for iOSHidenori Matsuoka has released Chord NOTE v7.0 for iOS. This is a major update with new features, including:

  • Progression View supports Cut, Copy and Paste functions. User can copy any chord of its View. And chord on Chord Progression of Chord NOTE compatibles with chord forms on Sheet View of Piano Kit. User can paste copied chord to both apps.
  • Name Menu of Progression View and Customize Chord View shows similar chords now.
  • Refined Match View is useful to search chords for the scale.
  • Automatically all chord names change accidental and show them adding space after Root and before & after / (Bass mark). In addition, you don't need to add space for registration chord names.

This update enhances usability and internal processing in various situations.

Also, Piano Kit has been updated to v4.1 for iOS. The Similar Note section of Name Menu is divided into Add, Remove and Move. And it supports paste a chord from Chord NOTE as a chord form.

Chord NOTE Changes:

  • Completely refined Match View (it shows chords matching Scale).
  • Completely refined chords list of Customize Chord View.
  • Now Name Menu of Progression View shows similar chords (add 1 note, remove 1 note, move 1 note).
  • Added Cut, Copy and Paste functions for Progression View. And now user can paste as chord form on Sheet View of Piano Kit too.
  • Now Chords of Progression View change automatically accidental according to Chord Tab setting.
  • Now each menu of Progression View shows always even if app size is changed.
  • Now Chord Names show space after Root and before & after / automatically. In addition, user don't need to add space for registration chord names.
  • Supported non ASCII characters on all text fields.
  • Added clear button on all text fields.
  • Now Chord Progression don't stop playing chords in almost situations.
  • Enhanced Score images on Key Tab for iPhone.
  • Renamed Direct Edit Menu to Direct Menu.
  • Implemented new memory management system.
  • Improved a number of UI elements.
  • Optimized many processing.

Piano Kit Changes:

  • Divided "By Similar Note" section of Name Menu into "Add", "Remove" and "Move". And corrected calculation of "Remove" part.
  • Now user can paste a chord of Progression View on Chord NOTE as chord form of Sheet View.
  • Now user can paste even if there is no selection on Sheet View.
  • Improved some UI elements.
  • Optimized some processing.

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