~ Welcome to the audio HQ mastering studio of producer and mixing-mastering engineer H.D.M. Davids @AlphaGemStudio ~

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your music. It deserves that huge sound you’ve been dreaming about. Whether it’s a CD or a digital download, every song released by every major or independent label is mastered before it is released.

Audio mastering is an essential final step in a song’s release process. It is the last chance to modify your creative recorded performance to sound like a real professional commercial recording. This is where Audio HQ Mastering @ Alpha Gem Studio steps in, At controls a dedicated Engineer known for its commitment and fulfilment with an artist's vision with uncompromised audio hearing and extensive experience working within all genres of music and understand what it takes to make each one sound its best.

Alpha Gem Studio enables your recording to faithfully reproduce your vision, making it the most musical and commercially competitive it can be, by bridging the technological gap between the artist’s recording equipment and the listener’s stereo system. Your song will sound huge on the radio, headphones, in the car, or on every premium home stereo system.

So ready to work with me? Visit the "Rates" menu section for options and pricing and Contact me and ask extra Information on the mastering process: delivery, preparation and payment.

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