A combination of completely neutral sonic accurate acoustic mastering room equipped with a hand-picked selection of high-end analog gear and digital plug-ins, a hybrid analog-digital studio known for its high quality audio recordings.

Professional mastering from Alpha Gem Studio brings the following important enhancements to your album:

• Raise the overall volume level.
• Eliminate noises between tracks.
• Take out hiss, clicks, pops, thumps, hum
• Correct minor mix deficiencies with equalization.
• Clarity and punch that may be missing in your flat mixes
• Consistent volume from song to song
• Adding analog warmth
• Use EQ to gently balance the sound with other tracks
• Optimise the level using compression and limiting
• Adding airiness and depth
• Subtly enhance the stereo image
• HQ dithering
• Make your music sound great on any sound system.

• Clean up the starts & ends – maybe edit out that unnecessary intro
• Add IRSC codes (required for digital distribution)
• Add CD-Text information (Artist, Title, Track Names)

Exactly which of these is needed varies from album to album, and even track to track.

High Quality Mastering at prices independent musicians can afford, are you Ready to get a professional sound for less?

So ready to work with me? Visit the "Rates" menu section for options and pricing and Contact me and ask extra Information on the mastering process: delivery, preparation and payment.

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